Advice Every Girl With Curly Hair Should Know

If you don't already know, taming curly hair can be a tedious and frustrating challenge. The curly hair girls of the world regularly have to deal with unpredictable, wild and painfully difficult to control locks on a daily basis - some days it can feel like a full time job you aren't getting paid for. Did we forget to mention the annoying frizzy hair and dryness? Anyway, to achieve a soft, healthy head full of curls is easier than you may think. Your hairs texture can be in super tight coils or looser waves, the good news is that you can manage your hairs texture by researching and finding the best tricks and products that work for you and your hair. Learning to love and manage your curls really comes from finding joy in your hair care routine and knowing if you put in the time you'll be left with results that have you feeling and looking like your absolute best self. We've taken the time to ask our in-house professionals for advice for curly hair girl that will be game changing, read below for a list of tips and tricks to help heal your curly hair woes and most importantly, embrace them!

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  1. Let's Start At The Beginning: AVOID Brushing Your Dry Curls
The golden rule for curly hair ladies is to try to never brush your hair when it's dry. Why? Because naturally curly hair is more brittle and prone to being dry, brushing your curly hair when it's dry can lead to breakage and unwanted split ends. You would know if you have ever tried brushing your curl hair when it's dry and noticing before your very eyes in real time how quickly your curly hair turns into a frizzy mess! Advice given is that if you find yourself waking up with frizz and flyaways, try applying a water or detangling spray to reactivate your curls. After you've done that, detangle your curls with a dampened brush, using oil and let your hair air dry.
  1. Only Use A Wide Tooth Comb
If you have curly hair, you need to make sure you're investing in good detangling tools. A wide tooth comb is honestly going to be your best friend. A good quality wide tooth comb is going to help battle your snarls. Due to the wide, spaced apart "teeth" on a wide tooth comb, it can get rid of the knots in your curly hair without disrupting its natural texture or causing any frizz. Curly hair is definitely one of the most fragile and temperamental hair types, so if you use a comb that is too thin or too close together, your hair will be served on a platter for breakage and frizz. If you want extra security, choose a comb that is made out of a rubber material and detangle your curly hair from the tips to roots instead of the other way round and yanking at your scalp. 
  1. Sleep On Silk And Satin Pillowcases
A golden rule all women should know, regardless of hair texture is the benefits of sleeping on silk or satin pillowcases. It's not just your hair that will thank you, your skin will be reaping in the benefits too because whatever you put on your face like your beloved expensive lotions and creams stay on your face and don't absorb into your pillowcase like other materials do. When it comes to hair care overnight when you're asleep, using satin or silk pillowcases is essential. Why? One of the most common causes for breakage and split ends is from when your hair rubs against cotton pillowcases throughout the night, ultimately causing friction. The method in how silk is woven makes for the threads to be more compact and lay flatter, this is what prevents friction and lets your hair glide easily when on the fabric. Using a silk or satin pillowcase will ultimately assist you in battling frizz as well as pumping up the volume - also, any moisture in your hair will stay throughout your beauty sleep.

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  1. Be Extra Delicate When Drying Your Hair
What you do after washing your curly hair plays a super important role. Remember, friction causes frizz so we recommend touching your hair as little as possible when your hair is drying. The more you touch and handle your hair, the higher the chance of being left with frizz and wild flyaways. If you want to use a towel when drying your curly hair, try not to be too rough or opt for a microfibre towel. However, air drying your curly hair is a better idea if you want a more polished, precise curl. Apply a good styling spray in your hair and like we said, avoid touching your hair whilst it air dries.
  1. Maintain Your Curls With A Curling Iron
The curling isn't to be feared if you have curly hair, instead you should embrace it! Curling irons are a great tool to help you touch up and elevate your natural texture and curl pattern. We recommend using a small or tapered barrel iron on your dry hair to target specific pieces you want to better and give your hair a more uniformed look rather than a full head of chaos! If you want even more curl, try using a one inch curling iron or even a 1.25-inch curling iron if you want a looser wave. To secure your curl, be light handed with styling products such as hairspray since it can actually dry out your curls.
  1. Hydrate Your Curly Hair With Moisturising Products
Curly hair girls know first hand how dry their hair can get and can be, so using products that are full of moisture created to give you maximum hydration are king and a must to keep your curly hair looking bouncy and smooth. When looking for products, choose ones that are specifically created for curly hair and contain ingredients such as palm oil, shea butter, and avocado oil. The mentioned ingredients are extremely good at hydrating and sealing moisture in your curly hair. Further specific products you can also use are anti-frizz serums, shaping creams and deep conditioning treatments because they will be good to add into your hair care routine. For a super strong hold, combine coconut oil and styling gel - doing so won't leave your hair dry or feel crunchy. 
  1. Use A Diffuser
The secret to voluminous curls is the power and help from a diffuser. This particular styling tool is designed to disperse hot air from your blow dryer into a larger space which ultimately gives your hair more body (volume) and minimizes your hair from becoming frizzy in comparison to when it can occur when air drying. For the best results when using a diffuser, use a cream base mousse in your hair and then diffuse your hair into different sections. Lift the diffuser up towards your scalp, sliding it from the bottom of your hairline nearest to your ear and then slide it towards the crown of your head. Doing these motions will lift and stretch the root creating the ultimate boost in volume for heavier curls and evening out your curls pattern. Don't forget your thermal spray! 
  1. Do NOT Over Wash Your Hair
Having curly hair can be tedious enough as it is, shampooing your curly hair too often will lead you down the road of inevitable dryness stripped of your hairs natural oils that keep your curls tame and looking their best. We don't recommend shampooing your curly hair any more than two or three times a week max! It's not unheard of for curly hair girls to condition their hair first before using shampoo. When you're washing your hair, make sure to keep the lather super close to your scalp and avoid over-washing the ends of your hair, this will protect the moisture. Don't shampoo your hair for too long and be sure to rinse twice using cool water when brave enough to do so - using cold water seals the cuticle which is how moisture stays trapped in your hair.

Image source: @evalinacollective
Girl, all we can say is to embrace your curly hair. There's something so beautiful and mesmerising about the natural beauty of crazy waves, coils and ringlets that spring with nothing but joy! Working with your natural curl pattern will not only help you in the morning when you're getting ready but it'll also leave you with healthier curly hair in the long run. It's a yes from us! So embrace the curl, love the curl and become one with the curl because all we can say is you are beautiful and your hair is an added bonus of your beauty!


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