Hairlight: Blake Lively

Let's be real, Blake Lively won us over with her hair when she graced our screens as Serena Van Der Woodsen in Gossip Girl. Blake has been a main source of hair envy for years now and the proof is in the pudding as to why. From her effortless waves to messy bed-head curls. Her honey blonde hair always looks perfectly put together or perfectly messy. The man behind the mane is usually hairstylist, Rob Ortega. He's the one to thank for Serena's looks, her hair on the red carpet and all the events in between. 
Let's take a look together at some of our personal favourite hair looks on Blake Lively.
Circa Serena Van Der Woodsen 
After the Sisterhood Of Travelling Pants, we think it's safe to say it was Blake's days as Serena Van Der Woodsen in Gossip Girl to be the confirmed pinpoint in time where she was everyone's hair goals. She always had the messiest hair that seemed to be perfectly coiffed, teased and positioned every time she was on screen. Don't feel bad for all the DIY hair fails at home when trying to achieve Blake's looks on Gossip Girl because we've been there too... RIP to all of the hair that was lost during the Gossip Girl era from all of our DIY attempts to have hair like Serena Van Der Woodsen. Where was Olaplex during this time of need? Am I right...
Red Carpet Moments
Team up some of Hollywood's finest hair and make up artists with the addition of a celebrity stylist to see Blake Lively in some of her purest forms. There hasn't been a head-to-toe red carpet look we haven't liked. From sleek pin curls, dramatic tight curls that have been perfectly combed through for added drama or a smooth ponytail that creates a classic look. Again, Blake can do no wrong and causes hair envy wherever she goes.
Just Cause...
I mean, we can post photos of Blake's hair all day long and never truly feel like it's enough inspiration. From her hair in The Simple Favour, to the sleek and chic straight hair or the 60's flashback vibes - we are always looking to Blake for inspo.
Let's end the blog on some cold hard facts... Blake Lively is one of the top 5 most influential people for hair envy, hair goals and hair inspiration. What are you favourite hair moments for Blake Lively and why? Tell us in the comments below.
xoxo Hey Stacey


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