Clip In Extensions

What Are Clip In Hair Extensions?

 Clip In hair extensions is a temporary solution if you are after something that’s fast and easy to apply. Depending on how familiar you are with hair extensions, applying clip-in’s could take you anywhere from 10-20 minutes and are easy to use because they come with a sewn in clip on each weft that is simple to apply and to remove after each wear. All of our hair extensions are made with unique 100% remy human hair sourced ethically from China.

Clip in hair extensions are extremely versatile all whilst remaining incredibly easy to use. Clip In’s are versatile for all hair types because you can add more to create the desired thickness or remove wefts if you have thinner hair. Our clip in extensions are made to be seamless and won’t be visible when you wear them because each weft is made on 3mm trim. We recommend using clip in hair extensions if versatility is vital to your hair extension application on a day-to-day basis or for an upcoming event. 

 How Do You Apply Clip In Hair Extensions?

Each weft comes in different sizes which will have a different amount of clips attached. The largest weft comes with 4 clips, then 3, 2 and 1 clip. Simply section your hair starting from the bottom and working your way up to the root in sections. Unclip each weft before you apply them to make it easier for you and once you have placed them in a comfortable spot on your head, clip the extension in and feel to test the security once secured.