Halo Extensions

What Are Halo Hair Extensions?

Halo extensions are an easy one-step method that will achieve longer and thicker hair in minutes. They are the perfect solution for beginner users in hair extensions. What differs halo extensions from say clip in or tape is that the hair is sewn around an invisible wire that will sit on top of your head and then lay flush against the crown of your head. Clips are sewn into the comfortable mesh to help secure them in place when applying. Anybody is able to wear halo extensions but if you are someone with short hair that has been cut bluntly, it can sometimes be difficult to blend in the halo therefore a hairdresser may need to create some layers to allow seamless blending.

 The advantages of halo extensions is endless from it’s versatility to it’s ready-to-wear functionality. Halo extensions are great for everyday wear or any event occasion. It is easy to apply and easy to remove which is why it is known to be so popular. Overall, if you’re on a time crunch and want a no-fuss solution to longer and thicker hair, halo extensions are the ideal fit for you.

 How Do You Apply Halo Hair Extensions?

To apply halo extensions, it is best if you create a small bun by tracing your fingers from the top-middle part of your head and following the natural curve of your head. Secure this section of hair so that it’s out of the way for a smooth application. Gently place the halo on your head and clip in the clips on the mesh to secure them to your head. Let down the section previously made and throughly but gently brush out your hair to blend in the halo. Make sure you use a tail comb to help pull through any trapped hairs around the wire to have the perfect blend.