Keratin Bond Extensions

What Are Flat Tip Extensions?

Flat tip extensions are small bundles of hair that are glued individually across your head allowing more room for product placement which can create more volume and thickness or apply to thinner hair seamlessly because the tips are so small and virtually undetectable. This style of extension is a hybrid mix of the traditional tape and i-tip hair extension and have a 360 movement making it ideal for everyday styling. Our flat tip extensions are pre-bonded with keratin because it the safest option for your hair because it is more gentle than silicon based glues.

 Flat tip extensions are ideal for those wanting length and added thickness to their natural hair. Because the application process allows for a 360 movement in the hair, this means it’ll act as your own hair making it much easier to style and wear in your day-to-day life. For example, if you are used to tape-in extensions you’ll know that putting your hair into a high ponytail can be difficult because the strips of extensions become visible whereas flat tip extensions are so small and spread out that it makes them appear seamless and undetectable.

 How Do You Apply Flat Tip Extensions?

Flat Tip extensions are activated by heat to help the keratin adhesive stick to your hair rather than sandwiching them like the invisi-tapes. Flat tips can also be installed using beads or using a special clamp that’ll place them in the hair securely. Application can take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours depending on the desired results in thickness and length.