What Are Hand Tied Weft Extensions?

We offer a unique double-hand tied weft hair extensions that is thinner than traditional machine tied wefts but thicker than any traditional hand tied weft which makes it much stronger. Hand tied wefts come on a long piece of thread that makes it easy to apply and won't cause any bunching or folding in the hair when applied. This will create a seamless look that will achieve instant length and added volume. We do not recommend cutting our Hand Tied Weft extensions otherwise you run the risk of fraying and hair shedding. 

What Are PU Skin Weft Extensions?

PU Skin wefts are the latest invention in the hair extensions industry. This style of weft offers more variety in how they can be applied. The weft comes as one long piece that you can cut wherever with the certainty of it never unravelling due to the PU stopper on the weft. The PU Skin weft sits comfortably on the head and blends seamlessly amongst your natural hair.

How Do You Apply Hand Tied Weft Extensions?

Hand-tied and PU Skin wefts are customisable when it comes to application. They can be sewn into a beaded track or sewn into a braid like a weave. Both application methods don't require and heat or adhesive and is safe for all hair types.



16” Hand Tied


20” Hand Tied



16” PU Skin


20” PU Skin