A variety of hair extensions

Caring for your hair extensions shouldn't be a tedious task so we’ve curated a small list of tips and tricks for you to use and know.

Quick Fact: Remy hair is human hair that has been cut and maintained with the cuticles aligned and bound together at the top of the bundle, it is the highest grade of hair you can purchase on the market. This process is important to ensure the hair used mimics that of natural hair grown from the scalp because all hair flows naturally from the same direction, this is what allows remy hair extensions to be and feel soft and silky. 

  1. How Long Should My Hair Extensions Last?
  2. What Is The Best Way To Store My Hair Extensions?
  3. What Can I Wash My Hair Extensions With?
  4. How Do I Dry My Extensions After Washing?
  5. How Do I Prevent Tangling And Shedding Of My Hair Extensions?
  6. Can I Dye My Hair Extensions?


  • Hey Stacey's lifespan expectancy ranges from 6 to 12 months, depending on how well you maintain your hair extensions and how often you wear them. Itís important to note that although our extensions are made with 100%  remy human hair, it is not receiving the natural nutrients and oils from your scalp that your natural hair does. This is why sometimes hair extensions become tattered and brittle but it can be avoided by keeping moisture in the hair by making sure you keep the washing of your extensions to a bare minimum as well as using heated tools, doing the two too much can result in shortening the lifespan of your extensions.
  • Each style of hair extension has different things to know when storing. For example, anything with clips must have the clip closed before storing to prevent any hair snagging on the rough edges. We recommend that you brush your extensions gently with a soft bristled brush, this will detangle any knots that have formed when worn throughout the day. Be sure to store your extensions in a cool and dry place and to avoid direct sunlight or anywhere heat can become trapped and dry out your extensions. If youíve washed your extensions, make sure to never store them when wet and only when they are dry to prevent mould or bacteria growing on your extensions. A DIY tip is to use a pants clip hanger to hang and store your extensions during wears. Hey Stacey have an exciting product coming soon to help with storing your extensions the right way, be sure to sign up to our newsletter for updates.

    Quick tip: Use a soft bristle brush to brush your extensions. This will safely comb out any tangles or knots, prolonging the life expectancy of your extensions. Brush the tips first and work your way up to the root in sections.
  • Most companies who sell hair extensions will tell you to avoid using shampoos that contain sulphate and alcohol because it will strip natural oils from the hair which will in turn cause your extensions to become dry and prone to tangling. However, because our hair extensions are made with such high quality we are confident in saying that any shampoo can be used when washing our extensions. Of course, using sulphate and alcohol free shampoos will always be better for your extensions, we wanted to ensure maintaining your extensions was a convenient healthy habit rather than a tedious task. It is important to remember that you want to keep washing your extensions to the BARE minimum. We advise to not be heavy handed when using sticky products such as gels, wax and hairsprays because this can lead to build up on your extensions which will likely cause clogging, making it difficult to prevent tangles, knots and softness. The more products you use, the more you have to wash your extensions which is what you don't want.

    Quick tip: It is important to remember that you want to keep moisture in your extensions to prolong the life expectancy. This is why sulphate and alcohol free shampoos are always recommended because it doesn't strip the hair of natural oils. Be sure to always use a conditioner after shampooing your extensions.
  • We do not encourage blow drying your wet extensions because this is applying unnecessary heat to your extensions which will result in them becoming dry and brittle. However, if you wish to blow dry your extensions make sure you use a heat protectant spray or serum prior to blow drying. Always try blow drying your extensions on the cool option if your hair dryer offers it otherwise on the lowest heat setting available. When youíre blow drying your extensions, be sure to focus on drying the roots first and work your way down the hair. Be sure to blow dry down on the hair and not in an upwards direction to avoid any tangling. Air-drying is the best way to dry your extensions and we recommend gently lying them flat down on a soft towel to dry, if you have a micro-fibre towel use that because it will absorb the water quicker.
  • Remember that remy hair is human hair which means that tangling and shedding is a common occurrence because it happens to your natural hair too, not just extensions. This is why we encourage constantly brushing your hair before, during and after every wear because it prolongs the life expectancy of your extensions because it lessens the risk of major tangles and breakage. An important fact to know about tangling occurred in extensions is that the combination of sweat and heat throughout the day as well as natural movement of your head commonly creates tangles as well as the weather being a big contribution to tangling if its windy, humid or raining. Sweat is made of salt in the body and is acidic which dries out your hair extensions because its not receiving the natural nutrients the hair attached to your scalp is. Think of your natural hair as a growing plant in the ground and your extensions as flowers you get from the floristÖ theyíre no longer connected to the natural source of hydration therefore you must go to extra lengths to ensure the maintenance of your extensions is sufficient. We encourage you to use products that assist you in maintaining your hair such as argan oil, coconut oil and heat protectant serums. Use products that are created for dry and damaged hair, this will help you in keeping the hair feeling and looking healthy.

    Shedding will be a common occurrence for your hair extensions because its made of human hair. Some but minimal fall-out will happen when brushing your extensions which is entirely normally, don't let it concern you and have you think you need to reduce how many times you brush your extensions, this must be done EVERY time theyíre worn (before, during and after). Maintaining your hair in the sense of keeping them well hydrated with the appropriate products will keep shedding to a minimum because the hair isn't dry and brittle. DO NOT BRUSH YOUR EXTENSIONS WHEN WET! This is due to the fact that the hair is most fragile when wet therefore this will cause breakage if youíre brushing your extensions when wet, be mindful when brushing and to always be gentle.
  • We do not recommend applying bleach to your hair extensions because they have already been lightened to the manufacturing level and applying more bleach will dry them out as well as causing breakage. We have a wide range of colours going from jet black (Roxanne) to a pure white icey platinum blonde (Emma) but if you want to make your extensions darker we recommend having a professional help you in dying your extensions and have them provide you with their expert advice. If you would like to have our lighter shades appear brighter, we recommend toning them in a violet shampoo rather than bleaching them.

    Very important facts and tips to remember when caring for your extensions:

    Be consistent and gently when brushing your extensions. Make sure you brush before every wear, during and after before storing.
    Wash your extensions rarely and to the bare minimum to avoid shortening the lifespan of your extensions.
    Do not bleach your extensions.
    Shedding is normal and with a structured hair care routine, shedding will be minimal.
    Whenever using heated tools, ALWAYS use a heat protectant spray.
    Keep sticky products such as gels, wax and hairspray to a minimum to avoid having to wash the extensions once they become tangled due to overuse of products.
    Use a soft bristle brush to brush your extensions.
    Depending on how well you care for your extensions, they can last you for a year or longer.