1. What Are Remy Hair Extensions?
  2. How Long Will My Hey Stacy Extensions Last?
  3. Will Hair Extensions Cause Any Damage To My Hair?
  4. What Are The Best Hair Extensions For Thin Hair?
  5. What Are The Best Hair Extensions For Thick Hair?
  6. Can I Colour Hey Stacey Hair Extensions?
  7. Can I Tone Hey Stacey Hair Extensions?
  8. Can I Wash My Hair Extensions?
  9. Can I Use Shampooís Containing Alcohol And Sulphate?
  10. Where Does Hey Stacey's Hair Come From?
  11. Are Hair Extensions Painful To Wear?
  12. Does A Professional Need To Apply My Hair Extensions?
  13. Can I Cut My Hey Stacey Hair Extensions?
  14. Will I Be Able To Use Heated Tools To Style My Hair?
  15. What Are The Best Hair Extensions To Use For Beginners?
  16. What Kind Of Products Can I Use On My Hair Extensions?
  17. Can I Go Swimming In Hey Stacey Hair Extensions?
  18. Does Hey Stacey Offer Trade Pricing For Salons?
  19. Are Hey Stacey Permanent Hair Extensions Reusable?
  20. Can I Sleep With My Hair Extensions Still In?
  21. Do You Have Wavy Or Curly Hair Extensions?
  22. What Payment Options Do You Offer?


  • Remy hair is human hair that has been cut and maintained with the cuticles aligned and bound together at the top of the bundle. Remy hair extensions are the highest grade of hair you can purchase on the market. This process is important to ensure the hair used mimics that of natural hair grown from the scalp because all hair flows naturally from the same direction, this is what allows remy hair extensions to be and feel soft and silky.
  • The lifespan expectancy of our hair extensions will always depend on how well you maintain them. However, we are confident in saying our extensions can last anywhere from 6 to 12 months.  It is important to know how to care for your hair extensions, such as how often to wash them and how to wash them. Storing your extensions plays a vital part in the lifespan of your extensions too and making sure your set is always gently brushed before, during and after every wear to prolong your extensions lifespan.
  • Depending on the style of hair extension and the application that follows will determine the risk of damage to your natural hair. Although we use ingredients such as keratin to protect the hair from damage, the removable process can cause slight damage if not done correctly. If you want to avoid damage entirely we recommend using temporary styles such as clip in’s or halos because both types require no heat, glue or bonding like permanent styles do.
  • We recommend our hand-tied wefts or invisi-tape because these styles are made to be seamless and can be custom to your hair consistency. Hand-tied wefts are highly recommended due to this style coming on a long single piece of thread that will blend in with your natural hair perfectly.
  • We highly recommend mixing our halo hair extensions and clip ins to create the perfect thickness. Our halos are made to be super thick and adding in extra clip in wefts will allow you to fill out any spaces around your head for seamless blending.
  • Of course! We provide 100% human hair therefore your hair extensions can be dyed and treated like your natural hair. However, we don't condone lifting the extensions because it will damage the extensions worse than your natural hair because it is not receiving the nutrients needed from your scalps natural oils. We recommend using demi or semi permanent hair dye to deposit into the extensions. You should only dye your extensions a darker colour rather than lifting it to be lighter.
  • You sure can! If you purchase any of our extensions they can easily be toned to appear brighter in colour. Depending on the shampoo you use and how pigmented the violet is will differ on what results you will get. If you don't have permanent hair extensions, we recommend toning your extensions in a luke warm bath made of diluted purple shampoo and dipping them in the water and quickly rinsing them in a separate bowl of clear water. You read our blog post and watch our tutorial here.
  • Hey Stacey hair extensions are made of remy hair which means it is human hair. Therefore, this means you can treat your extensions like your natural hair and wash them. However you don't need to wash your extensions anywhere near the same amount of times you do your natural hair. This is because your extensions aren't receiving consistent nutrients from your scalp and will become dry and brittle if washed too many times. We recommend only washing your extensions once every 3 months or as soon as you notice product build up. Product build up will make it difficult to brush your hair without any snagging or styling to become impossible. Watch our video here on how to wash your set of Hey Stacey extensions and how to care for them.
  • Due to the quality of our hair we are confident when saying ANY shampoo and conditioner can be used when washing your Hey Stacey hair extensions. However, we do recommend using shampoos free of alcohol and sulphate because overtime they will begin to strip the hair of itís colour and begin to dry them out. Look for shampoos that are designed for dry and fragile hair because they have formulas made to restore damaged hair which means your extensions will be well nourished.
  • All of our extensions have been sourced in China. We pride ourselves on providing high quality hair extensions that have been sourced ethically. The hair supplied to Hey Stacey cannot be found anywhere else because it is specifically sourced and supplied to Hey Stacey. We are confident you will not find higher quality anywhere else.
  • Hey Stacey hair extensions will not be painful to wear. They are made to feel like your natural hair and to have you forget you are wearing them. The only time hair extensions can cause pain is if they are permanent and not taken care of properly. Be sure to always follow a professionals advice to avoid damaging your natural hair and your set of extensions to avoid having a painful experience. An example of a painful experience is in-between the growth of your natural hair and the tape extensions, the new hair can bunch and cause pain from pulling. This can happen from washing your hair too rough or not paying close attention when brushing your extensions and going above the tape onto the natural hair. 
  • If you are purchasing permanent hair extensions such as invisi-tape, it is always best to have a professional install them unless you are a qualified specialist. Incorrect application can be detrimental to your natural hair and set of extensions. However, clip-in and halo extensions don't require a professional to install. These can easily be applied and removed from the convenience of your own home.
  • Absolutely! We encourage cutting our extensions to better suit your natural hair for ultimate blending. Our extensions come pre-cut at the bottom to be ready-to-wear without any layers, but it is perfectly safe to have layers cut into any set of Hey Stacey hair extensions. It is important to know that our percentage in having the same length an equal amount times is much higher than any of our competitors. On average, our competitors length percentages are 10-14% but Hey Stacey is 24-28%. This is why our grams are sold in smaller amounts because they are not filled with a high percentage of short hairs like our competitors. 
  • We provide you with high quality human hair which means heated tools are safe to use on your extensions. Be sure to always use a heat protectant spray when using any heated product, this will protect your extensions from damage. 
  • We highly recommend using our halo extensions if you are a beginner. Halo extensions are the most convenient type on the market and are incredibly easy to apply and remove. Because the hair comes on one piece of flexible mesh, this removes the process of needing to clip in multiple wefts making it the ideal type of extension for beginners. 
  • We encourage using products that wont lead to a quick build up on your extensions because this will allow you to continuing wearing your extensions without needing to wash them frequently. Be sure to use minimal amounts of gel and waxes because they are thick in consistency and are known to create build up quickly. Hairspray can be used on any set of Hey Stacey hair extensions but note that when you style your set you wont need to apply hairspray each time because the extensions will keep the style in tact. For example if you curl your hair extensions, the curl won't drop. Therefore you won't need to use hairspray every time. Remember you want to want to wash your extensions to the absolute bare minimum to prolong their lifespan.
  • Yes! Whenever swimming make sure your hair is tied in a plait to avoid tangling. Be sure to never wear your hair in a bun because this will cause tangling amongst the extensions. Once you finish swimming, it is important to rinse your hair as soon as you can because chlorine or salt water can dry out the extensions. Once home, be sure to wash your extensions and hydrate them by leaving your conditioner on as a mask for 15-20 minutes. We would also recommend applying small amounts of argan oil prior to swimming because it will coat the hair and will help stop the hair soaking up chlorine or salt water. We don't recommend wearing permanent extensions if you are a frequent swimmer because this will shorten the lifespan of your extensions a lot quicker in comparison to someone who doesn't swim frequently. 
  • Yes, we do. Hey Stacey is not just a business-to-consumer company, we are proud to be a business that sells to salons too. We are passionate about providing high quality products to anyone that is interested. To apply for our trade prices, please send your qualification certificates to trade@heystacey.com.
  • Of course! If you are using our invisi-tape, flat tip or weft extensions, they can be reused. Keep in mind depending on the level of maintenance and upkeep done at home plays an important role in how many times you can reuse your set of extensions. Hey Stacey hair extensions can last anywhere from 6 to 12 months if properly cared for. Your salon professional should be able to give you genuine advice on how many more times you can reuse your extensions and let you know when you need to purchase a new set. If you wish to speak with us and seek our advice, feel free to contact us at info@heystacey.com. We would be happy to help and share our genuine advice.
  • We do not encourage you to sleep with your halo or clip in hair extensions. Sleeping in them can cause tangling which will overall be detrimental to the integrity of not only your set of extensions but your natural hair too. If you have permanent extensions, we recommend sleeping on a silk pillow with your hair tied in a loose braid to prevent knots and tangles.
  • At this moment, we only have extensions that come perfectly straight. However styling your hair to be wavy or curly is easily achievable.
  • We take credit card, American Express, Paypal and Afterpay (Australia only).