How To Wash Your Extensions

It is important to care for your hair extensions to keep them looking glamorous, luxurious and healthy. If you take good care of your Hey Stacey extensions they can last you anywhere from 6-12 months or longer! All of our extensions are made from 100% remy human hair that have been sourced solely for Hey Stacey which means you won’t find the same quality elsewhere. It is important to remember that although we provide the highest quality in 100% remy hair that it’s vital you maintain your extensions after you purchase them. 

Considering hair extensions aren't attached to a scalp, this means they aren't receiving the natural oils it would be normally therefore the need to wash your extensions is minimal. It is a general known rule that the less amount of times you wash your hair extensions the longer their lifespan. We recommend only washing your hair extensions if there is product built up. Keep in mind that the environment and weather can cause the need to wash your extensions too, whether it be from the rain or sweat built up on a hot and humid day. Watch the video below on how advise washing your extensions or scroll down to read our step-by-step instructions.

 Step 1: Brush Your Hair Extensions

The first and most important step is to gently brush your extensions before getting them wet. This will prevent any possibilities of tangling during the process of washing your extensions. When you’re brushing your extensions, we recommend to start from the bottom and work your way up to the top in sections to avoid damaging the hair. Always brush downwards and gently! We recommend using a soft bristle brush or investing in a looped brush made specially for hair extensions. 

Step 2: Prepare A Shampoo Bath

Make sure your sink is clean from any residue of your day-to-day routines using other products, plug the drain and fill it up with luke warm water. You don’t want the water to be too cold or too hot. Pump approximately 2-4 squirts of your favourite shampoo into the water and gently swirl the water around to ensure the product is evenly distributed. Hey Stacey allow you to use any kind of shampoo however you’ll always achieve the best results when using alcohol and sulphate free shampoo.

 Step 3: Shampooing Your Extensions

Wash each weft separately to prevent tangling and to ensure each weft is washed thoroughly. If you are on a time crunch, you can bundle your extensions with a tangle hair tie and wash them together carefully in on go. Otherwise, hold each weft with one hand at the top, place it into the water and gently wash the hair by working the shampoo into the extensions. Whenever you’re washing your extensions make sure you’re handling them gentle and not to rub them vigorously. Once you’ve washed each weft with shampoo, set them aside neatly on a towel.

 Step 4: Rinse Off Shampoo

Once you’ve shampoo’d all your wefts, drain your sink of the soapy water and rinse the sink from any bubble residues. Gently wash each weft under the luke warm water and assure the water runs clear of any bubbles signally the extensions are free from any left over shampoo. After each weft, gently place them back on the towel in preparation for conditioner. 

 Step 5: Condition Your Extensions

Take a generous amount of your conditioner and coat each weft from top to bottom, be sure to gentle massage in the product thoroughly. We recommend to leave the conditioner on for 10-20 minutes to act as mask and ensure when dry your extensions are left feeling silky and soft. 

 Step 6: Rinse Off The Conditioner

Once you’ve conditioned all your wefts, gently wash each weft under the luke warm water and assure the water runs clear.  After each weft is clean from all shampoo and conditioner we recommend blasting them with cold water to close the cuticles. 

 Step 7: Air Dry Your Extensions

Make sure you gently squeeze and excess water from your extensions and be sure to never rub your extensions dry with a towel. We HIGHLY recommend air-drying your extensions whenever possible on a micro-fibre towel because it’ll dry the extensions quicker and also prevent them from tangles. Lay out all of your wets on a flat surface, side-by-side and gentle pat any excess water from the hair. 

 If you are on a time crunch and must blow dry your extensions, make sure you use a heat protectant spray prior and that the hairdryer is on the coolest setting available. When you’re blow drying the hair, start by focusing on the root of the extensions and work your way down to the ends. Be sure to always blow dry in a downwards direction, this will help to smooth the cuticle and prevent any tangling.

 Step 8: Once Dry

Now that your extensions have dried over night, gently brush the hair to remove any surface tangling and have them feeling soft and ready to style. If you are going to use a heated tool, ensure that you always use a heat protectant spray to help prolong the life expectancy of your extensions. 

If you want further information on how to care for your instructions, click here to read about our advice in maintaining your extensions as well as a handful of quick tips and tricks recommended by us. Comment below on how you find washing your set of Hey Stacy extensions, we love hearing from our customers! 

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