The Ultimate Easy Night-Time Haircare Routine

We would say it's fairly common that our hair is neglected at night-time as we're busy in our skincare routine, brushing our teeth and getting ready for our needed beauty rest however, our hair is something we definitely shouldn't forget about before laying our head down on our pillows.

After everything else we do before bed, we understand that a long step haircare routine can sound unappealing and why the temptation to skip it would exist in our minds BUT we are not writing this blog to give you a 10-step haircare routine, instead we are writing out a few tips and tricks that you could implement into your nightly routine and thank us later for.

7 Night-Time Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair

With that being said, read on for some tips & tricks...

1. Put Your Haircare Products In Your Line Of Sight

Like we said earlier, the temptation to skip your hair is there and we hear you loud and clear! To prevent the temptation, we recommend putting your haircare products next to your skincare or even your toothbrush so you have them in your sight and are reminded everyday to apply your haircare products! No matter what time you apply your hair products, always have them in plain sight so you never miss a beat - your hair will thank you for it later.

2. Avoid Sleeping With Wet Hair

We're the first to admit when we're lazy in our haircare routine, and having our hair dry before bed is definitely one of them! However, really try and avoid going to bed when your hair or your hair extensions are wet because this could cause damage to your hair. Sleeping with wet hair leads you to stretching and breaking your hair strands over time. For those extra lazy folks, try washing your hair earlier on in the evening to allow for more airdry time.

3. Sleep With Your Hair In A Loose Braid

Most certainly, never ever sleep with your hair tightly tied back in a high ponytail or bun - this will cause more harm than good. Opting for a loose braid not only keeps the hair off of your face and out of your skincare products, but it will also keep your hair from stretching and breaking during your sleep. Braids are far more gentle on your scalp and strands than a ponytail or bun as well. 

4. Invest In A Silk Pillowcase

This isn't the first time we've recommended purchasing a silk pillowcase and for good reason! It's not just your hair that will benefit from using one. It's only until you sleep with a silk pillowcase that you truly believe the magic behind one, with the growing popularity in silk pillowcases, there are so many affordable options on the market! The smaller fibres found in silk means your hair won't pull or cause damage to your hair when you're tossing and turning during the night. More importantly, if you have hair extensions, sleeping on a silk pillowcase will do them a world of wonder. 

5. Include An Overnight Mask

Intensive treatments and masks are not only important for your skin but they are also equally as important for your hair. Incorporating a mask or treatment into your weekly haircare routine can add an extra layer of protection to your hair as well as your hair extensions. Depending on how dry or damaged your hair is will differ between how often you should apply a mask or treatment on your hair. The dryer your hair, we would recommend once a week otherwise twice a month is enough. There are numerous products available on the shelf so it's always a good idea to approach your hairstylist for their professional opinion first.

6. At Home Scalp Massage

Think of your scalp as the holy grail to the health of your hair. Therefore, your scalp deserves the most amount of TLC and attention to achieve the healthiest hair possible on your head. Give yourself a two minute scalp massage when in the shower washing your hair and with clean dry hands every night before bed. Two minutes is all you need, trick your partner into doing it for you - win! Massaging your scalp daily encourages hair growth as you're stimulating your scalp and encouraging blood flow to the area. You don't need to be too rough, be gentle and make sure you brush your hair out afterwards, you don't want any knots. 

7. Do Not Sleep With Your Temp Hair Extensions In

Yep, you heard us! Do not sleep with ANY style of hair extensions that can be taken out the same day they're put in. This includes your clip in hair extensions, halo hair extensions and ponytail hair extensions. Sleeping with temp style hair extensions will not only be detrimental to your hair extensions but extremely damaging to your natural hair. Tossing and turning throughout the night will cause major pulling on your hair strands and around your scalp which could lead to hair loss, hair damage and alopecia. 

By taking the time to add these simple steps and extras into your everyday routines, your hair will thank you for it in the long run. We didn't list steps that require hundreds of dollars and hours of your time, simple steps can sometimes be the most effective overall.

If you are unsure about any of these steps reach out to hairdressers on glosty for a professional advice. 

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