5 Reasons Ponytail Hair Extensions Are The Best

With so many styles available in the overwhelming realm that is hair extensions, we are a bit bias when it comes to the Ponytail Hair Extension. Ponytail hair extensions are the ultimate lazy-girl style of hair extensions because even on the dirtiest of hair days, we guarantee your do will do!
Here at Hey Stacey, we have two different lengths with 36 different colours to choose from. Whether you want to stick to your natural hair colour and add some additional length and volume or you want an entirely new look with highlights or the balayage effect, a ponytail hair extension is the ideal fit for all of the above. With that being said, continue reading to learn 5 reasons why we think ponytail hair extensions are the best style of hair extensions!

1. They Don't Cause Any Damage

We said what we said and we encourage you to read that line again... Ponytail hair extensions will not cause your hair any damage (keep in mind, that is the case if you're applying them correctly and aren't making big no no's such as applying a ponytail hair extension into hair that is loose and full of knots...). The beauty of a ponytail hair extension is that it doesn't involve any adhesive, heat or tool to apply and can be put in and taken out on the same day. This makes it the perfect style for all hair types, even those that experience severe hair loss. 

2. They Are Versatile

Now that you know they won't cause you any damage, it's good for you to know about the versatility that comes with Ponytail Hair Extensions. Never shy from the fact that ponytail hair extensions can be worn from day-to-night, casually or formally, in every day life or for a special occasion, low, high, in a bun - you name it and you can basically do it! One of our ultimate favourite tricks with ponytail hair extensions is to turn it into a fun bun or something sleek and chic. You see the memes about perfecting the ultimate "effortless, messy bun" and this look is so easily achieved with a ponytail hair extension, so much so we bet that you'll have people asking how you did it! We mentioned that a ponytail hair extension can be taken from day-to-night and what we mean is you could be sitting at your office with a sleek bun to then quickly run to the office bathroom after clock out to quickly throw it up in a fun ponytail, add some messy waves if desired and leave knowing you're ready and looking prime for your hot date, drinks with the girls or dinner with the beau!

3. They're Incredibly Easy To Use

It doesn't require the skills of a brain surgeon or rocket scientist to apply a ponytail hair extension. To apply a ponytail hair extension, all you need to do is slide the clip into the middle of your hair that should be styled into a ponytail (or bun), you then secure it by ensuring the velcro pieces meet and stick together, then conceal it with the additional piece of hair that is attached to the ponytail hair extension by wrapping it around and secure the hair with a bobby pin - voila! It's important to make sure the velcro parts meet and touch otherwise you'll be left with a ponytail hair extension that is lose and prone to fall out. If you're a beginner, it may take a couple tries before nailing the technique but we promise you it's a piece of cake once you get the knack for it. 

4. They Are Affordable And Easy To Store

It's no secret that our Ponytail hair extensions are the lowest style of hair extensions we have available for purchase. Starting at $190(aud) and ending at $380(aud), you can pick a colour entirely of your liking. Whether it's your natural hair colour or you're wanting a dramatic change that you don't have to commit to, pick a colour that is designed with a balayage effect. Not to mention, this is a great way to test colour changes before committing to the jump before entirely changing your look. Chemical free, damage free and commitment free - everything the lazy-girl needs in a style of hair extension if you ask us. But ponytail hair extensions aren't just for lazy girls, they're perfect for the gal (or boy) that enjoys the spiciness of an updo that grabs peoples attention and draws them in.
Another valuable dot point to ponytail hair extensions are that they are easy to store and maintain. Think of ponytail hair extensions like a pet rock... store them in a cool place and out of reach of tangles or knots and they'll last you years to come. We designed our Hey Stacey packaging to suit storing hair extensions in that won't entice knots to form or suck moisture out of the hair like heat can do to our hair. If you don't want to store them in the packaging provided to you, a tip trick is to hang your ponytail hair extension using the very same hanger you use to clip your pants, skirts and vice versa. 

5. They'll Have You Feeling Like A Million Bucks

... and that's a promise! Hey Stacey has always been an advocate that hair is the window to the soul and in turn a security blanket we all rely on to feel the best on the inside whilst looking our best on the outside. There is no shame in admitting the vanity that comes with hair extensions and how they make us feel. Hair extensions are the ideal tool to add length to your short hair and thickness to your thinness of your locks. You know when you find a really good pair of jeans after trying on all kinds from all sorts of brands and once you find THAT pair it's like the earth stops and you feel like you can take on ANYTHING that life throws at you because you're feeling your absolute best? Well hair extensions will have the exact same affect. If you're anything like us, on the days our hair is dirty and we're not feeling the commitment of washing it and then the dreadful blow drying that follows and in turn feel like crap... ponytail hair extensions will literally change your life because they're the resource you turn to to take your dirty, drab hair into something fab and presentable for the day. Thank us later.
And there you have it, our 5 reasons as to why we think Ponytail hair extensions are one of the best, if not the best style of hair extensions available. With over 30 colours to choose from and in 16" or 20" via our website or app you too can feel and look a million bucks.

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