How To Tone Your Extensions

So, you've just bought your set of Hey Stacey extensions and they are so close yet not the perfect match to your hair and you need an easy fix... toning is your solution and what's better is that it is so easy to do and doesn't require a trip to your hairdresser - you can do it at home! 

You can tone any our blonde extensions to have them appear brighter in tone or create that perfect ash using any violet shampoo. Keep in mind the more pigment the shampoo contains, the quicker your extensions will take to the toner whereas a more diluted shampoo will require more time to soak in the shampoo bath to see a difference. 

Watch our video below to see how we recommend toning your extensions and the products we use or scroll down to read our step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Brush Your Extensions

The first and most important step is to gently brush your extensions before getting them wet. This will prevent any possibilities of tangling during the process of toning/washing your extensions. Always brush downwards and gently! We recommend using a soft bristle brush or investing in a looped brush made specially for hair extensions when brushing your extensions. 

Step 2: Prepare A Shampoo Bath

Make sure your sink is clean from any left over residue of your day-to-day routines when using other products, plug the drain and fill it up with luke warm water. Pump approximately 2-4 squirts of your favourite violet shampoo into the water, we are using Inebrya No Yellow Shampoo and then gently swirl the water around to ensure the product is evenly distributed. Depending on how pigmented your violet shampoo is, will determine how many pumps of the product to use, with Inebrya we only require 2-4 pumps where with a more diluted product you may need 3-6 pumps. The more rich in violet colour, the more pigmented the shampoo is.

Step 3: Toning Your Extensions

Usually, we encourage you to wash each weft separately but to have evenly toned extensions we recommend toning all the wefts together. Gently hold your extensions from the top and dip them into the shampoo bath. Repeat this process a few times to make sure all the hair is wet from the shampoo bath. Depending on the result you wish to achieve, repeating the dipping process will play an important role. For a light tone you will only need to repeat the process a couple of times, for a more ash result we recommend repeatedly dipping them up to 5 times. Pay close attention to the colour of your hair extensions to see them change tone and bare in mind that when the extensions dry the colour will change again. If you are in a hurry and need to blow dry your set of extensions, know that heat can remove some of the toning pigments from the hair (remember to always use a thermal protectant). 

 Step 4: Rinse Off Shampoo

Once you’ve finished toning your extensions, drain your sink of the soapy water and rinse the sink from any residues. Gently wash each weft under luke warm water and assure the water runs clear of any left over purple shampoo. 

 Step 5: Condition Your Extensions

Take a generous amount of your favourite conditioner and coat your extensions from top to bottom, be sure to gently massage in the product thoroughly. You can use the conditioner as a mask and leave it on for 10-20 minutes. Doing so will have your set feeling soft and smooth.

 Step 6: Rinse Off The Conditioner

Once you’ve conditioned your extensions, gently wash each weft under the luke warm water and assure the water runs clear.  After they are clean from all shampoo and conditioner we recommend blasting them with cold water to close the cuticles, this will protect the hair from damages. 

Step 7: Drying Your Extensions

Make sure you gently squeeze any excess water from your extensions. We HIGHLY recommend air-drying your extensions whenever possible by laying out all of your wets on a flat surface, side-by-side and gentle pat any excess water from the hair. If you are on a time crunch and must blow dry your extensions, make sure you use a heat protectant spray prior and that the hairdryer is on the coolest setting available. Read here to see how we recommend blow drying your set of Hey Stacey hair extensions.

Step 8: Once Dry

Now that your extensions are dry, gently brush the hair to remove any surface tangling to have them feeling soft and ready to style. If you are going to use a heated tool, ensure that you always use a heat protectant spray to help prolong the life expectancy of your extensions. 

And just like that, your extensions are beautifully toned and ready-to-wear. If you have over-toned your extensions we recommend using a clarifying shampoo to help strip away the toner from the extensions, simply wash them like you would if you weren't toning. For help you can always read our blog post on how to wash your extensions here.

Leave comments below on how you like to tone your extensions, products you use or any tips you'd like to share with fellow Hey Stacey owners.

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