How To Blow Dry Your Extensions

If you are familiar with hair and know a few of the essential tips and tricks in keeping your hair healthy, you would know the golden rule to use heated tools to the bare minimum when possible.
This golden rule applies to your hair extensions as well because they’re not receiving the same nutrients your natural hair does from the scalp. However, we all know that sometimes rules are made to be broken and that when time isn’t on your side, you need a quick solution... blow drying!
It is important to note that whenever using heated products on your natural hair or extensions to use a good heat protectant to save the hair from damages. It’s not always about breakage, protecting your hair when using heated tools will also prevent any colour being stripped from your hair.
If you frequently go to the salon to have your hair dyed or bleached you would know first hand how important it is in maintaining your colour in-between salon visits. Especially blondes! Heated strips away the beautiful cool tone of your blonde hair and can turn it golden.

How to Blow Dry Hair Extensions - A Step by Step Guide

Read below for a step-by-step routine in how to blow dry your hair extensions safely or watch our quick video!

Step 1: Remove Excess Water

Make sure before blow drying, you use a towel to gently squeeze any excess water from your extensions. The less water that is in the hair means less time you spend applying heat to dry the hair.
HOT TIP: If you do not own a hair extension hanger, use a clip hanger and hang the extensions to make it easier to blow dry. Hey Stacey however have something very exciting the works that can make styling your extensions easier!

Step 2: Apply A Protective Serum

Before applying heat to your extensions, make sure you apply a protective serum that will prevent any damages from heated tools. For double the protection, use a serum or cream plus a heat protectant spray on each section of the hair or weft pieces.

Step 3: Before You Blow Dry

After applying heat protectant, begin to blow dry your extensions by focusing on further removing excess water left in the extensions before sectioning the hair to begin blow drying properly. Doing this has the same purpose of that when draining our excess water with a towel – the less water in the hair, the less time you spend applying heat to your hair extensions.

Step 4: Section and Blow dry

Section your extensions into individual weft pieces or by clipping the hair out of the way if drying a halo. Take a rounded bristled brush and begin to blow dry the hair from root-to-tip, make sure you are always blow drying in a downward motion. Repeat this process until all the hair is dry. This is where we recommend applying a heat protectant spray, in between sectioning the hair.

Step 5: Dry The Mesh (Halos only)

After the hair is dry on your halo, be sure to dry the mesh on the back so it is ready-to-wear and doesn’t stay wet. If this part of your extensions remains wet and doesn’t dry quick enough, you could risk the possibility of bacteria or mould growing on your extensions. This is something you obviously do not want.

Step 6: Once The Hair Is Dry

Brush the extensions to remove any missed knots and tangles. If you would like extra protection, you can apply argan oil or smoothing cream to help defeat frizz and add shine.
And just like that, your extensions are ready-to-wear again. We hate to sound like a broken record, but make sure to use a heat protectant EVERY TIME you are using heated tools.
Now that your extensions are blow dried and you want to further style them by using a straightener or curler, we recommend waiting until the hair is completely cool before styling. This will just allow the hair to adapt and be ready for further styling.
Leave your comments below on how you went when trying out our way of blow drying your extensions, we love hearing from you!

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