What Are Remy Hair Extensions?

If you're new to hair extensions, you might find yourself overwhelmed by all the terms you see during your research - not to mention all the styles that are available to you. From clip ins, halos to weft hair extensions, it can be tricky (and overwhelming) to know style is right for you and your hair extension needs plus what will be best for the overall health of your hair.
A term you will most definitely come across during your research of hair extensions is the term "Remy", "Remy Human Hair" or "100% Remy" etc. Today's blog we will let you know what is Remy hair and why the preferred choice for hair extensions in Remy human hair. 

What Is Remy Hair?

Remy hair is 100% real, natural human hair. It is known in the industry as the highest, finest quality of human hair available on the market. Remy hair comes unprocessed and with the cuticle layer kept intact - this is important when it comes to high quality hair extensions. Having the cuticle intact will leave the hair healthy, smooth and shiny.

Where Does Remy Hair Come From?

Unlike other kinds of hair used in hair extensions, Remy hair comes from single donors across the globe but generally from Europe India and China. Hair is typically sold in these areas because of religious practises and area financial circumstances such as poor areas where women grow their hair and sell it to provide for their family. Rather than cutting hair and letting the hair fall away and become dishevelled, Remy hair generally comes in a ponytail, so all the hair can be gathered into one bunch and makes it much easier to sort and keep together. Ensuring the hair stays gathered in its bundles, the integrity of the hairs cuticles can be preserved because the hair will stay laying in the same direction from root to tip. This will also prevent tangling and ensure the hair in the hair extensions look and feel like natural hair when worn.

What's The Difference Between Remy Hair And Other Hair In Hair Extensions?

This may be confusing to read and wrap your head around but while Remy hair extensions are made from human hair, not every set of hair extensions using human hair are made from Remy hair. The difference between non-Remy human hair extensions is that the hair collected is from brushes and in occurrences where it has fallen to the ground after being cut during a haircut. This is a much different procedure than how Remy hair is gathered. Due to this style of gathering, the hair cuticles will lay in all different directions and not mimic natural hair. Manufacturers combat this by putting the hair in an acid bath which will remove the hair cuticle from the hair before it goes through chemical processing and coated in silicone.
Don't be fooled by the silicone dipping though because it may feel soft and shiny at first but this will quickly fade and result in dry, matted hair. When you're washing non-Remy human hair extensions, the silicone that's coated on the hair will eventually wear off which will leave the hair feeling dry and brittle. As we mentioned, choosing non-Remy human hair extensions will lead you down a path of hair extensions that will end up matted, knotty and with shedding problems.

Why Is Remy Hair The Best Choice For Hair Extensions?

We know first hand how hefty of an investment hair extensions can be so we can assume you would want to ensure you're getting bang for your buck. You want hair extensions that look natural and just like your own - LONG term! Like we said before, Remy hair in hair extensions is collected in a way that will leave the hair extensions with a smooth texture and looking entirely natural.
Remy hair also doesn't go through as much processing as non-Remy hair and this is a key factor in having the hair cuticles stay intact. Remy hair in hair extensions are less likely to tangle and matt because of this process. Remy hair are free of silicones and will remain soft and smooth throughout its lifespan IF taken care of correctly. Remy hair in hair extensions can be treated in the same way you would your own hair - that's assuming you take good care of your natural hair. Remy human hair is versatile with styling, so this means you can curl or straighten the hair however you like + tie it up and colour it (darker, never bleach extensions).

Overall, Remy human hair found in hair extensions is the best because it is long-lasting and easy to work with - long story short, it's the closest thing to your natural hair in hair extensions. 

Can You Dye, Colour Or Bleach Remy Human Hair?

Yes! Remy hair can be treated like your natural hair which means you can colour and bleach Remy hair. Here is more information answering when you can and cannot dye hair extensions.
Hey Stacey chemically processes the hair used in our hair extensions to achieve its colour therefore we don't recommend further bleaching the hair as you could risk damaging the hair in the hair extensions. However, should you wish to bleach your Remy hair extensions then you definitely can. Remy hair can also be coloured different colours whether it's to go darker or a fun colour + be toned to better match your blonde hair or shade. 
If you are thinking of colouring your hair extensions, read the below tips before proceeding:
  • Go to your professional hair stylist to colour your hair extensions. This will ensure the job is done correctly and won't compromise your hair extensions.
  • Always strand test before dying your full set of hair extensions
  • Use a sulphate shampoo before colour to wash away any dirt of grim on the hair, leaving the perfect clean base for colour.
  • Use a semi or demi-permanent colour with a lower volume developer to protect the hair in the hair extensions
  • Select a light set of extensions to dye darker or tone rather than lightening hair extensions that are darker in colour.
Although Remy human hair extensions are made from real human hair, this doesn't mean it's made of steel and you can do whatever you want with them to the fullest extent. Just like your natural hair, avoid over doing it with colour and bleach because this could ruin your hair extensions beyond repair.

Can You Style Remy Hair With Heated Tools?

Hair extensions are great because they will give you extra length and added volume in a matter of minutes with endless amounts of opportunity to style. Whether you are someone that likes sleek straight hair or a gentle wave, you can carry your favoured style onto your Remy hair extensions without the worry of damaging the hair - granted you're using heat protectant! Regardless of the style of hair extensions you wear, you can curl or straighten them and the style will hold. 

How Long Does Remy Hair Last?

Hair extensions are an investment, as many times as we said it. There is nothing more devastating than spending your hard earned cash on something to only have it ruined a short time after. Remy hair extensions are worth the investment for their lifespan expectancy alone because they last much longer than other kind of hair extensions available for purchase. If you correctly look after your Remy hair extensions, you can expect the hair to last anywhere between 6 to 8 months, even longer if you take really good care of them. However, the overall lifespan of Remy hair extensions will be a reflection of how well you take care of your hair extensions. It's important to remember that hair extensions are not receiving the same natural nutrients you get from your scalp and therefore require far more TLC than your natural hair does.

How Do You Take Care Of Remy Hair Extensions?

All hair extensions require further care than what's needed for your natural hair. However, it's super easy to maintain your hair extensions from home that won't require a long list of things to do and use. We have a few blogs on how to care for your hair extensions, what oils to use and much more readily available on our blog.
In conclusion, Remy hair used in hair extensions is far more valuable and worth the investment than any other kind of hair extensions. You can expect long term use, soft and healthy hair plus a product that you can style in so many ways - again, granted you're taking good care of them. 
Further tips on caring for your Remy human hair extensions:
  • Use sulphate free shampoos
  • Don't over use products that contain protein
  • Use low heat settings whenever styling
  • Do not sleep with your hair extensions wet if they are permanent
  • Always brush your hair extensions before, during and after use

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