What Hair Oil's Should I Be Using?

Knowing your hair type is one thing in itself but knowing what hair oil's you should be using to better elevate and prolong your hairs health is another - but not don't stress because we have done the research and have the answers for you! Regardless of your hair type, both strength and moisture are the key elements in growing healthy hair and there's a product on the shelf just waiting to give your hair these elements - it's hair oil! Picking the right hair oil for your hair type can be super overwhelming because there are so many kinds out there but we've narrowed it down by hair type so it's easier to know what you need, what to look for and where you could find it.

Let's understand the benefits for all the hair types in the world when it comes to hair oils:

  1. Hair oils strengthen your hair because it will reduce frizz and help assist in preventing breakage. 
  2. Using hair oils will stimulate hair growth with it's heavy list of beneficial ingredients - give yourself a 5 minute scalp massage and watch how quickly your hair can grow.
  3. It will protect your hair when using heated styling tools. Hair oils will create a protective, safe layer over your hair shaft which is what helps protect your hair from heat styling.
  4. Hair oils will hydrate and lock in all moisture by creating a strong protective barrier around the hair cells but this will depend on the ingredient used in the hair oil you choose.

With all that being said, whether you want to get crafty and make something at home or you want to visit your local beauty store and buy something already made, we've created a list of hair oils we think are best for your hair type that can help battle common hair woes such as split ends, scalp issues and dryness.

What is the META hair oil? COCONUT OIL

Coconut oil has to be the holy grail, the OG, the king for all hair types. Coconut oil would have to be the best oil for your hair because it contains fatty acids and natural vitamins which all have moisture-retaining properties allowing for the oil to penetrate straight to the strand which makes for deep strength affect on the hair as well as nourishing capabilities. Coconut oil isn't just great for your hair, it's also great for your skin - we love a double whammy! When using coconut oil for your hair, it's important to look for virgin, unrefined or organic coconut oil to get the most part out of the natural benefits found in coconut oil. Don't be surprised if you find products out there that say they contain coconut oil but are actually mixed with ingredients you don't want found in your hair that have been processed or mixed with ingredients that will strip the benefits from coconut oil. Always read products carefully and do your research, you'll never be let down when using 100% natural unrefined coconut oil which can all be found in your grocery and health food stores.

What's the best hair oil if I have damaged, kinky/curly hair? CASTOR OIL

Castor oil is made from roasted castor beans and most commonly used for afro-textured hair to assist in battling/treating dryness as well as stimulating hair growth. Castor oil is similar to coconut because of it contains fatty acid which is what helps provide your hair follicles nutrients and essential proteins, this in turn stimulates growth and holds more moisture. Trick tip, use castor oil before shampoo, especially if you have thick, curly hair. 

What's the best hair oil for frizzy hair? ARGAN OIL

Argan oil is just another name for Moroccan oil and when in its purest form does wonders for frizzy hair and hair types that are prone damage/breakage. Argan oil is packed with natural components such as Vitamin E, antioxidants, ferulic and fatty acids. Using argan oil will assist in locking in moisture whilst battling the main source of frizzy hair. Argan oil is king in preventing damage and breakage because of its moisturizing properties. Argan oil is also amazing for hair extensions because it helps smooth out the hair strands which will reduce dryness, frizziness and brittleness. Argan oil will create the perfectly soft and manageable hair extensions we all dream of. Argan oil isn't as greasy as coconut oil and that is why we would recommend argan oil over coconut oil when it comes to maintaining your hair extensions. Depending on how badly damaged your hair is, use argan oil a couple times a week for the best results.

Another oil that will combat unruly and frizzy hair is almond oil. Almond oil will fill in the gaps so-to-speak at a cellular level because almond oil is an emollient. Almond oil is best for unruly, frizzy hair because it contains really high levels of vitamin E, omega-rich fatty acids and magnesium which is what creates hydration and shine. Almond oil is the go-to if you want a smoothing hair mask also, simply apply the oil in your dry or damp hair for approximately 30 minutes before you start washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner.

What's the best hair oil for dandruff and dry scalps? JOJOBA OIL

Jojoba oil is made by being extracted from the jojoba plant itself and is extremely good for the scalp. Jojoba oil contains a chemical structure that is similar to sebum which is the natural oil that's released from your scalp. The natural alcohols and fatty acids found in jojoba oils work well on the scalp because it will keep your scalp moisturised which therefore will clear up any irritation or dryness found on your scalp which can create dandruff. Put it this way, a healthy scalp leads to healthy hair that is has been well nourished which ultimately stimulates hair growth. 

What's the best hair oil for dry and dull hair? OLIVE OIL

Yep, you read that correctly. Olive oil isn't only just good for eating it's also good for your hair. Olive oil is packed with rich Vitamin E and also assists in treating UV damage and naturally dry hair. The difference with olive oil is that it won't penetrate the hair strands like coconut oil does but it will form a protective layer around your damaged hair strands. This protective layer is what helps strengthen your hair which will elevate the look and feel of your hair turning your dull, lifeless hair into beautiful healthy, shiny hair.

What's the best hair oil for dry thick, curly, or coarse hair? PRACAXI OIL 

This type of oil is not one you hear everyday if you don't struggle with dry, thick, curly or coarse hair however pracaxi oil comes from the seeds found in a specific canopy tree that's found in South America. The beauty of pracaxi oil is that it naturally helps to hydrate your hair because it's full of natural fatty acids, it will also protect and promote your hairs elasticity.

What's the best hair oil for brittle, thinning hair and hair loss? GRAPESEED AND AVOCADO OIL

Let's start with grapeseed oil... grapeseed oil is full of antioxidants which can be easily absorbed into the hair which overall makes it a great fix for brittle hair. Grapeseed oil acts as a natural sealant around your hair follicle which is what helps lock in moisture which ultimately strengthens the hair follicle from root-to-tip. You'll find that grapeseed oil will also be your best friend if you suffer from hair loss because it contains a high amount of oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes which lowers the production of DHT (this is the hormone linked to baldness or pattern hair loss). Overall, grapeseed oil will help stimulate hair cell production which will naturally battle and treat hair loss.

However, if you suffer from thinning hair we recommend avocado oil because it is lighter than other hair oils. Avocado oil contains minerals, antioxidants and vitamins which once all combined these ingredients nourish your scalp and stimulate hair growth which will help with your thinning hair. Avocado oil lubricates and nourishes your hair strands which is especially important for thinning hair because it will help prevent breakage and fallout.

All the hair oils we've mentioned above will have cross functional properties and purposes. Coconut oil is definitely going to be great for all hair types but it will also moisturise and promote hair growth. Argan oil will treat your frizzy hair + damaged ends but will also strengthen your hair. Natural oils will nourish your scalp as well as your when used properly. When using hair oils you can use multiple hair oils to treat whatever issue your struggling with but hair issues can change with the seasons which can lead to needing different oils to battle different issues at different times throughout the year. Experimenting with hair oils to battle your hair needs by using a simple routine can work wonders and overall better the health and look of your hair.

Regardless of your hair type and the hair oil you're leaning towards, hair oils are the most safe for all hair types. We strongly encourage you to do your research and read up on products and ingredients carefully to ensure the certain hair oil you're using is full of ingredients your hair type actually needs and wants.

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