How To Dye Your Hair Extensions

It would be unrealistic to think that hair extensions will match your hair 100% unless you are one of the lucky few where they actually do match. The good thing to know is that Hey Stacey hair extensions are made with 100% remy human hair which means you can treat them like your real hair. Yep, you're picking up what we're putting down... you can dye your extensions! We never recommend bleaching your extensions because they aren't receiving the nutrients like your natural hair is from your scalp however that doesn't mean it's impossible. It just means the life expectancy of your extensions will be shortened because the hair will slowly become prone to damages the more times you bleach your extensions. 
Watch the video below to see how we take these bright blonde tape in extensions to a vibrant copper!
Step 1: 
Prepare your hair extensions before colouring them by brushing out any knots or tangles.
Step 2:
Mix together your colour in preparation for dying your extensions. Be sure to always have the help from a professional before dying your extensions to ensure you achieve your desired colour correctly without foreseen errors or damages to the hair extensions. If you wish to dye your extensions from home and don’t have access to professional products such as developer, box hair dye you find from convenience stores will work just as well.
Step 3:
Separate each weft by laying them on separate single sheets of foil and begin coating the hair in the hair dye you've prepared. Make sure you are generous with the colour and be sure to spread it thoroughly to avoid any patches once removed and dried. We recommend picking up the wefts and flipping them over as you go to be certain every strand is coloured and not missed during the colouring process.
Step 4:
Once your hair has developed after the correct amount of time required, wash your extensions to remove all the dye with shampoo and conditioner. Make sure to be thorough when removing the hair dye to avoid any clogging or damage.
Tip: blast the hair with cold water after conditioning to close the cuticle.
Step 5:
Now that the wefts are clean, gently squeeze out water from the hair with a towel. Once you’ve done all the wefts, lay them on a flat surface overnight to air-dry. You can spray leave-in conditioner if you would like to add extra shine and smoothness to the texture of the extensions.
Come the next morning your extensions will be dry and ready to style and apply in the hair. In this video we coloured our tape extensions and it’s vital you allow the adhesive to dry for it to apply correctly in the hair, any extensions with an adhesive will need to be completely dry before installing in the hair.
Here is the list of products used in the video:
20" Invisi-Tape Extensions | Ava

Fanola 7.34

Fanola 7.4
Fanola 10vol



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