How To Care For Your Hair Extensions

Knowing how to care for your hair extensions is always important regardless if you're new to hair extensions or a self-taught pro. Let's refresh your memory and tell you all the ways you can take proper care of your extensions. It's vital to have a routine that promotes healthy hair and keeps your extensions in tip-top shape to ensure their life expectancy is long and the hair doesn't become damaged and brittle. 

The information, tips and tricks we provide you below is what we recommend doing and using when caring for your Hey Stacey hair extensions. This is how we encourage you to care for the hair we use in our products and doing so will result in a happy, long relationship with your and your hair extensions. Cause let's face it... hair extensions are a commitment.

Let's Start With Products To Avoid...

Whether you're using the correct products when taking care of your hair extensions will determine the life expectancy of your extensions as well as their texture and appearance. It's important to remember that remy (human) hair extensions are no longer receiving nutrients and proteins the hair attached to your scalp is. This is why proper care is VITAL. Caring for your extensions the right way will keep your hair extensions shiny, smooth and healthy. As healthy as they can be no longer receiving those nutrients and proteins from your scalp.

First step in knowing what products not to use is by checking the ingredients in products. We recommend steering clear from the ingredients: SLS, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Alcohol Denat, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Ethanol, SD Alcohol 40, Propanol, Isopropyl and Propyl. Using too many products too many times with these ingredients will be detrimental to your extensions and eventually lead them to becoming dry, brittle and prone to serious damage. However, in the case of using shampoos that contain sulphate it is okay to use them here and there but a prolonged usage can be damaging. You may find yourself reaching for a sulphate shampoo when you need to use a clarifying shampoo to really clean your hair extensions or your own when your hair is really dirty. Products that cause build up are easily removed from the hair when using shampoos containing sulphate. Just remember, don't over do it or over use it.

One last tip, try reducing the amount of times you use sticky products such as hairspray, wax or gels. Using such products puts you on the road to quick build ups which equals you in needing to wash your hair extensions more frequently. The golden rule we all should know... don't wash your hair extensions excessively! Doing so will dry out the hair and strip moisture put into it during the hair care stage of making hair extensions. For those with permanent hair extensions, remember that the products you use can travel onto your hair extensions and cause damage or build up also.

Golden rule to know: ALWAYS use heat spray whenever using heated tools. Not using protection will dry out your hair extensions and result in serious damage that will be irreversible. 

How To Prevent Tangling...

All Hey Stacey hair extensions are made from 100% remy human hair. This means the hair cuticles are aligned to mimic and feel like your natural hair. Tangling is a normal occurrence with your hair extensions just like it happens with your natural hair. Tangling is inevitable if you are not brushing your hair extensions regularly throughout the day when you're wearing them. Tangling can also happen due to weather or your hair extensions becoming dry and brittle. 

Tangling is a common occurrence throughout the day when worn because of a combination of sweat, heat and friction from your clothes or movement throughout the day. Think about your natural hair... throughout the day when you're moving your head around you'll start to notice your hair to stick together and intertwine. This can easily be fixed by brushing your hair consistently. If it's not your natural bodily fluids and movements causing tangles, the weather can be a massive contribution to knots and tangles. Whenever there is wind, it's humid or stinking hot... tangling is prone to happen. Humidity happens when moisture is added into the environment and causes hair to go frizzy which ultimately results in tangles. Heat however does the opposite - heat dries out your hair. 

Products to use to help prevent tangles and dryness are looking for products that are designed to assist in dry and damaged hair. Products made for dry and damaged hair will help in putting moisture back into your hair extensions. A common ingredient found in likewise products is Silicone. We have a full blog post on knowing what type of silicones are good and bad for your hair extensions. Silicone is used because it coats the hair with an impenetrable seal that locks in moisture, making the hair shiny and smooth. Always use water-soluble silicones because they can be washed away with water alone and doesn't require clarifying shampoos and scrubbing to be removed from the hair. Use products such as leave in conditioners, serums and sprays to assist in locking in moisture and preventing excessive tangles.

Not only is tangling normal but so is shedding. Shedding happens all throughout the day with your natural hair. You shed up to 100 strands of hair a day and is extremely normal. It's important in knowing how to determine a natural amount as opposed to an excessive amount. Shedding can happen because the hair is dry and brittle. But if your hair extensions are properly cared for, shedding happens naturally when brushing or throughout the day because that's just what happens with hair. Always be gentle when brushing your hair extensions as well as during the washing process. Being rough will of course cause shedding and ultimately damage the hair beyond repair sometimes. Your hair extensions need TLC, not a beating.  

How Should I Wash My Hair Extensions...


In the times you need to wash your hair extensions - this could be because you notice product build up, they begin to smell from everyday wear or feel dirty, it's important to know to hydrate your hair extensions as much as possible during the washing process. 

Look for products again that are made for dry and damaged hair because they are designed and use formulas that target those problem areas. Using these sorts of products will ensure your hair extensions are lathered in ingredients that promote hydration. Remember not to abuse shampoos that aren't sulphate free because they will strip the hair of natural oils which in turn can make the hair dry and result in damages. Opt for a sulphate and alcohol free shampoo and conditioner for 2 out of 3 times you wash your hair extensions. Just like your natural hair, it's good to do a good cleanse and clarify the hair every once in a while just be sure to pump moisture back into the hair afterwards. This can be done through intense masks and conditioners. 

To make washing your hair extensions easier we wrote and filmed a blog on how we recommend doing it and what products to use. 

How To Store You Hair Extensions...

Storing your hair extensions correctly will of course prolong the lifespan of your extensions. Always store your hair extensions in a cool and dry place to ensure the moisture isn't compromised nor is the hair. You can easily store your hair extensions in the Hey Stacey box however hanging them up in your wardrobe on a clip hanger is also a good idea. Stay tuned because Hey Stacey is working on something to help you store your extensions in a safe and practical way.

Hair extensions are a commitment that require attention and care. It's important to know the above tips and tricks before making the investment. With that being said, hair extensions will be your best friend because they'll fulfil all your hair dreams and have you feeling your very best self.

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