Tape Extensions

What Are Tape Extensions?

Tape in hair extensions are the most popular style of extension when asking for a permanent solution. They are small wefts of hair that come on two thin strips of tape that will be sandwiched between your own hair when applied. This method is safe on your natural hair and will cause zero damage if correctly maintained. We supply invisi-tape extensions which are like the traditional style of tape but much slimmer making them appear seamless in your hair which will make everyday wear easier.  We recommend tape extensions as a permanent solution for extensions because the application and removable process will cause the least amount of damage on your natural hair.

How Do You Apply Tape Extensions?

Each style of tape extensions has a different application process however invisi-tape extensions are applied by separating the two pieces of tape and then placing them between your natural hair to create a bond between the two tapes. No heat is needed in the application and can take from an hour or more to install depending on the desired thickness or size of your head.