3 Products You Need to Repair Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are an investment that require TLC to keep them shiny, healthy and wearable but sometimes we forget our maintenance and end up with damaged and dry hair extensions - ugh, our worst nightmare! So although luxurious, hair extensions require specific care during your daily hair care routine if you are sporting permanent styled hair extensions or monthly maintenance if you're wearing something temporary like clip in extensions and halo extensions. Just like your natural hair, you may experience dry and damaged hair extensions which can be caused via excessive heated styling tool use or not correctly caring for your hair extensions, like ignoring to tangles and not brushing them out through out the day - but don't fret, we know just the products to help bring your hair extensions (and your natural hair) back to life!

Use a Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner

The type of shampoo and conditioner you use can ultimately affect your hair extensions from slipping out of your hair, colour fading or becoming prone to knots and tangles. Therefore, we recommend using good quality shampoo and conditioner which is designed and formulated to hydrate and nourish your hair and your hair extensions. Hey Stacey has a haircare range well in the works that will be hitting the shelf very soon to help prevent your hair extensions from becoming dry and damaged but in the mean time we stand firmly behind a brand named 18 in 1 - especially the Nourishing range to come from this brand. 

The 18 in 1 nourishing range is filled with goodies for your hair that will have them looking and feeling soft after every use. The 18 in 1 Nourishing Shampoo is filled with Keratin which is designed to strengthen from within the cortex of your hair and to improve your hairs elasticity, Argan Oil which will make your hair feel softer, silkier and shine by conditioning the hair and treating damage caused by split ends. The Nourishing range also contains Vitamin E which acts as an antioxidant and will prevent hair from damage from free radicals and Panthenol which is an ingredient used to moisturise and hydrate hair. 

Besides the healthy list of ingredients, the Nourishing range from 18 in 1 also has a long list of benefits for your hair and your hair extensions which are:

  • Creating a natural and flexible hold in your hair
  • Curl retention
  • Will increase your hairs volume
  • Controls frizz 
  • Fly away control
  • Smooths your hair
  • Creates the perfect base for easy styling
  • Provides heat/thermal protection
  • Makes your hair shiny
  • Protects hair from humidity
  • Enhances hair alignment
  • Prevents split ends
  • Instantly moisturises 
  • Reduces damage while styling your hair
  • Adds a protective layer over your hair
  • Acts as a shield from harmful UV rays
  • Revitalises your hairs natural protective layer
  • Prevents any dryness in coloured or treated hair

Whilst using a nourishing shampoo, it's important to pair it with a conditioner that will bring more benefits or highlight those that you will get using a shampoo. The 18 in 1 Nourishing shampoo comes with a dedicated conditioner designed to be used with the shampoo which won't battle ingredients, only enhance them. The 18 in 1 Nourishing Conditioner has the same ingredients and benefits as the shampoo but has a thicker consistency like any conditioner should to really coat the hair in its magic. Another fact in why we support this product is that it has been manufactured in Australia, is not tested on animals and sulphate, paraben and salt free! 

There is a lot of mixed opinions when it comes to using products that contain silicone - some professionals say to strictly not use them where others say silicone is fine but only certain silicones. To explain silicones a little better, we wrote a full blog which explains what silicones are good for your hair and what ones to avoid at all costs! Also, avoid washing your hair extensions everyday if they are permanent ones because you will strip the hair of moisture which will quickly deplete them and cause them to become dry and damaged and often hard to bring back to life. The same goes for your natural hair, washing your hair everyday will strip natural oils and can leave your hair feeling like straw and dry your hair out - oily hair girls, this rule can't always apply to you and we hear you, but dry shampoo will be your best friend so maybe try every second day instead of everyday to wash your hair and your permanent hair extensions.

So, say goodbye to weak, damaged and dry hair extensions with the 18 in 1 Nourishing shampoo and conditioner which is enriched with Argan Oil, Keratin, Panthenol and Vitamin E to give your hair extensions and natural hair all the benefits and goodies it needs to stay healthy, shiny and ultra soft.

Use Hair Oils, Serums and Leave In Conditioners

When your hair extensions call for a little TLC, deep conditioning your hair once a week can restore the moisture stripped from any misuse or lost due to styling and heated tools without product to protect the hair such as thermal spray. Whenever using a product that is designed add copious amounts of moisture back into your hair/hair extensions, be sure to only apply it through the mids to ends otherwise you can risk your permanent hair extensions slipping out of your hair. However, temporary hair extensions can be evenly applied all over but remember to not use too much otherwise you could cause product build up which isn't good for the hair extensions because it will require more frequent washing. 

You can deep condition your hair with multiple products that come in all different consistencies and benefits - hair oils being one of them. We've seen a massive increase in interest with hair oils being used in the industry and customers. Hair oils shouldn't definitely be apart of your hair care routine because there are plenty of hair oils available on the market that are enriched with hair goodness - look out for Jojoba oil especially. Whenever using hair oils, remember to stay away from the base of your head and focus on the mids-to-ends to avoid premature slipping with your permanent hair extensions. The same rules goes for your temporary hair extensions as we mentioned before, hair oils can be used all the hair but to use too much too often so you avoid product build up.

It should come as no surprise that the biggest culprit in dry and damaged hair extensions is improper care. That's the essence of this blog post, how to repair your damaged hair extensions from improper care. We've mentioned hair oils and deep conditioning but we recommend using leave-in conditioners too. Leave-in conditioners will give your hair extensions the chance to bounce back and rehabilitate it's stressed state because leave-in conditions are formulated to keep your hair extensions shiny, healthy and soft. For a leave in peptide treatment that will strengthen and improve the elasticity of hair, check out the hair masks by K18 which are excellent for hair repair.

Another of our personal favourite leave-in conditioners is the Fanola Nutricare Bi-Phase leave-in conditioner. It is ideal for dry, frizzy and treated hair and it will detangle + hydrate your hair/hair extensions leaving it instantly silky and luminous. The Nutricare leave-in conditioner is enriched with Keratin and milk proteins that are good for your hair and your hair extensions. This particular product is a spray however there is a serum form of Nutricare's leave-in conditioner that is just as good and just as healthy for your hair extensions.

Use a Thermal Spray

Our last and final product we know will repair your hair extensions should come as no surprise to be a thermal spray... it's an absolute MUST in your haircare routine. We know how much you love styling your hair with heated tools, whether you're straightening it, blow drying or curling your hair extensions. However, this also shouldn't come as a surprise but frequent usage of heated styling tools can cause damage to your hair unless you are taking the proper precautions - aka, thermal spray! Another Fanola goodie is their Thermo Shield Thermal Protective Spray! This thermal spray is designed to be a high-power filming product that will protect your hair extensions from heat and drying tools that are made in high temperatures leaving your hair protected, soft and shiny. We have found that this thermal spray also doesn't cause a product build up that is noticeable on your hair extensions which means it's a product you can easily use daily without the worry of having to wash your hair extensions more frequently. If you didn't know how a thermal spray works, essentially it is designed to create a light barrier of your hair that will prevent it from becoming brittle and dry when using heated tools.

As we mentioned in the very first sentence of this blog, hair extensions are an investment that require TLC to last you the months and years that are expected when purchasing hair extensions. Hair after all is the crown you never take off! Using the three products above will without a doubt bring your damaged and dry hair extensions back to life and hopefully return back to their original state of feeling soft, silky and healthy. Remember that to see a true change in your hair extensions that you continuously use the products we've mentioned above so that your hair extensions recover - just like skincare, your hair extensions and natural hair needs to be invested in to stay healthy.

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