Behind The Scenes: Hey Stacey Product Photoshoot

In February this year, we had our huge two-day photoshoot where we shot all the product for our website and captured some beautiful content for our social media channels. Across the two days we had 28 beautiful models come in to have their hair and make up done to be ready to start shooting an hour or so after they arrived. We had to shoot approximately 10 looks per model and have their hair changed and styled differently for each shot. To an outsider, it would of looked like a chaotic but beautiful merry-go-round of models and crew assuring everything that needed to be done to get the shot, was done.
On both days we had three photographers, two videographers, seven hairdressers, five makeup artists, two makeup assistants, photographer/digi op assistant, stylist assistant, one schedule manager and the director of the shoot and brand. Safe to say it was full of passionate and creative individuals that worked off of each other’s energies and produced pure magic that you see across all aspects of Hey Stacey today.
Day one was the biggest day of the two because it had the greatest number of models on the day. Day one was all about getting the product shots and whenever possible having the two content photographers seize their opportunities to grab a model and capture her in a way that showed who Hey Stacey was for social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Crew time was 6am which allowed for all the whole crew to organize their stations and be ready for the day. Both days ended around 7pm which was fueled by copious amounts of coffee, good food and good vibes.
Day two was all about finishing the remaining models who needed to take their product shots for the website. After lunchtime, all makeup and hair were to be reset for four models to have their banner photos taken – this is where the creative fun really began. We wanted to capture four models that represented each hair colour that would make the website feel friendly and inviting to really show the attitude that Hey Stacey represents. In the end six different themes were shot for the website to capture the brand in fun, flirty and friendly ways.
This photoshoot took a months of planning with constant back-and-forth to assure every aspect would be perfect and precise. The Hey Stacey team couldn’t of done it without the help, generosity and kindness of the very talented individuals below:
Bonnie Cee
Photographer Assistant:
Matty P
Julian M
Johnny G
Social Content Photographer:
Social Content Photographer:
James Simpson
Brand Co-Ordinator:
Sharna K
Schedule Manager:
Raine W
Stylist Assistant: Lauren B
Makeup Artist:
Ellie Trimarchi
Makeup Artist:
Hayley Mciver
Makeup Artist: Monique Lawler
Makeup Assistant: Elissa Wilson Makeup Assistant:
Ashleigh Murray
Makeup Assistant: Kyah Fuller
Hair Stylist:
Alyce S
Hair Stylist:
Jackie J
Hair Stylist:
Samantha J
Hair Stylist:
Chloe W
Hair Stylist:
Meshell P
Hair Assistant:
Hair Assistant: Isabella Y Models:
Royalle Model Agency
Baker St Studios


With Love,
The Hey Stacey team

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