Clip In Hair Extensions vs Halo Hair Extensions

With almost every option possibly imagined already made available, it's time we pit two of the most popular styles against each other and see once and for all which style of hair extensions is better... clip in hair extensions vs halo hair extensions.
Both styles have their pros and cons but today we're really dissecting the two and determining which style has more pros and which style has more cons. First things first, hair extensions are a personable preference so don't take our graphs and tables as gospel! If you are someone that prefers a halo over a clip in because of, let's say time, then more power to you and no disrespect to those who favour a sleek & seamless clip in.
Continue to read on to see Clip In hair extensions VS Halo hair extensions.


What are clip in hair extensions?
Clip in hair extensions fall under the temporary style category. This means they are put in and then taken out on the same day of wear. Clip In hair extensions don't require a lot of hardcore hair knowledge and are quite easy to apply and learn how to apply for that matter. Our clip in hair extensions come with 9 weft pieces for ultimate volume and thickness. We have made our clip in hair extensions to be seamless and flat so when applying in your hair they are virtually undetectable, can last all day and easy to maintain. Application time can take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes depending on how quick and nifty your sectioning skills are. 

Clip In hair extensions are crazy versatile. You do almost ANY hair style with ease and zero problems. The beauty of clip in's is the factor of being able to transform your hair in less than 10 minutes. Add instant length and volume to your hair and see the noticeable difference straight away.

You'll find a lot of celebrity hairstylists as well as editorial stylists opt for clip in hair extensions over halos because of the placement versatility and the freedom to add more or less wefts for the desired thickness and volume.

☆ Easy application process
★ Can be visible with certain hairstyles. Such as ponytails, buns, braids etc.
☆ Temporary style that is perfect for day-to-night wear or event styling. Perfect for all occasions, really! ★ Not suitable for all activities such as swimming, intense sports etc
☆ Instant length and thickness within minutes ★ Not suitable to sleep in
☆ Perfect for all hair types ★ Takes more time to apply than a halo
☆ Low maintenance  ★ More pieces of hair to put in at a time in comparison to a halo
☆ Beginner to advance style
☆ Zero damage to your natural hair
☆ Comfortable to wear
☆ Up styling can be achieved easily
☆ Weft placement for optimal blending is more achievable vs a halo


What are Halo hair extensions?
Halo hair extensions are a one-step method that can be completed in under 5 minutes... quicker if you are super speedy naturally! Halo extensions come as one whole weft piece of hair that is sewn around a wire that comfortably sits around the crown of your head. Don't be alarmed when we say wire, it's a stretchy comfy nylon that sits on your head with no strain at all. You won't even know it's there. The purpose of the wire is to secure the hair piece to your hair and so it doesn't move throughout the day. All hair types will work with halo hair extensions however if your natural hair is bluntly cut, you may have difficulties blending the halo in. However, nothing a quick trip to your hair stylist can't fix.  

Halo hair extensions is another style that is extremely versatile but no where near as versatile as clip in hair extensions. Up styling is a lot more difficult to achieve when using halo hair extensions although not impossible. If up styling is something you're after, we recommend clip in hair extensions over a halo.

☆ Easy & quick application. 5 minutes tops! ★ Up styling is difficult to achieve
☆ Temporary style  ★ Not suitable for all activities such as swimming and intense sports.
☆ Adds instant length and thickness ★ Not suitable to sleep in
☆ Low maintenance  ★ Blending can be difficult if natural hair is bluntly cut as opposed to Clip In extensions
☆ Beginner to advance style
☆ Zero damage to your natural hair
☆ Comfortable to wear
☆ One weft piece to be applied


If you can't tell already, we can't choose halos over clip in's or clip in's over halos because both styles have their advantages and disadvantages. But in a life or death situation and we have to choose... Halos... no clip in's... no halos. We can't choose! Why not both!

We're curious to know what you think what halo & clip in's pros and cons are in comparison to the table listed above. As we mentioned, both styles are great for an instant transformation in not only your hair but your confidence. Hair extensions do wonders for your self esteem, we all want to feel beautiful and for a majority of people, having the hair of your dreams sends your self esteem sky rocketing! 
Let us know in the comments what your pros and cons are for halo hair extensions vs clip in hair extensions. We love hearing from you!

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