Does Frequently Cutting Your Hair Really Make It Grow Quicker?

You've heard the myth that cutting your hair every 6 weeks will help with hair growth but does frequently cutting your hair really make it grow quicker? Is your hair still styling the way you like it? Do you have more split ends than you can keep count or noticing more frizz? If you've answered a "yes" to any of the mention questions, I think it's safe to say it's time you need a good haircut.

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?

Let us ask the question though, how often should you really cut your hair? Firstly, it's narrowed down to how damaged your hair is as well as your hairs overall health. Split and damaged ends are generally quite visible, the texture of your hair is another vital factor in determining whether or not you need a healthy trim. If your strands feel like they are becoming dry and brittle you might not just be low in moisture but you might be lacking elasticity with healthy hair being pulled down by the damaged strands and fragile ends. Did you know you could also damaging your hair through chemical alterations like dyes as well as heat styling and UV damage. Sun is heat, it will also play a role in drying out your hair if you are in the sun for too long or too frequently - it's not just your skin you should be protecting whilst outside, your hair needs TLC also.

Beyond the damage and overall health of your hair, it is important to consider how you like to style your hair. No matter your style whether it's short, layered or super curly each style will require a different roster for how often you should have your hair trimmed to maintain your look and your hairs health. Your hair type is another point that comes into motion when considering how often you should be getting your hair cut.

We mentioned the 6 week mark as a rule of thumb for how long to leave in between trims but depending on who you talk to, it can change from 8 to 12 weeks to organise your haircuts. Regularly cutting your hair during that time frame will generally result in your hair becoming much healthier as well as maintaining your signature hairstyle. You would think hair would be something so plain and simple but even knowing how often you should wash your hair can differ for each individual. We wanted to help set the record straight so we did our research and asked our inhouse hairstylists what their advice is in how often you should cut your hair for maximum benefits and results in hair growth. 

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair Depending On Your Hairstyle?

As we mentioned before, depending on your hairstyle and texture will determine how often you should get your haircut. If Anna Wintour is your hair muse with her blunt cut and sharp bangs, a look like this takes work and dedication to your haircut routine. You'll notice that Anna's bob is full of volume and this comes from frequent cuts to ensure each hair is the same length which is what makes your hair full and thick. We recommend a trim anywhere between 2-3 weeks for optimal results. However, if you have long and wispy bangs regardless of your hairs texture, your hair can be trimmed every 3 weeks or longer depending on how quickly your hair grows naturally. If a pixie cut is more your jam, this could differ for everyone on how often you get your hair cut. For a pixie cut hairstyle, hair growth is something you don't want because it will take away the effect of the hairstyle. A pixie cut is a short haired look, so our experts recommend you cut your hair anywhere between 2-7 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows. We know that sounds like a lot but a pixie cut requires maintenance and more haircuts than any other hairstyle but it's not a massive difference each time (again depending on how fast your hair grows).


If you have naturally wavy or curly hair our experts say to have your haircut every 6 to 12 weeks if your hair isn't prone to damage, colouring or any chemical treatments. If you frequently colour or go through chemical treatments then you should be getting your haircut every 6 weeks, the less time between cuts the better because you have a better chance at beating the damage in your hair if you were to prolong your haircut. No matter your hair texture or style, the time in between haircuts it's ideal to make sure you are dedicating time to ensuring your hair stays moisturised. This could be involving a weekly mask into your haircare routine or a leave in conditioner twice a week. For quality mask treatments see the range of K18 hair products.

Ensuring your hair has enough moisture will also assist you in knowing if you need to hit up your salon sooner than expected or have the option to delay it a little longer if you're happy with your length and your hair feels healthy.

Our longer layered ladies out there, you have so much versatility it's not even funny. As we said, the versatility of long layers allows for less maintenance and time in between haircuts. For a softer approach, look at 6-8 weeks between your haircuts to maintain health and fullness. The beauty of this hairstyle is that it will work for all sorts of hair textures and face shapes. Experimenting with your layers lengths can also help keep your look fresh and a convenient non-committal way to try out new looks compared to your previous one. At your next haircut, why don't you do something a little different from what you're used to and change up your layers. Whether it be a shaggy layered approach or sharper layers, you might fall in love and feel like a whole new person! If you don't like it, hair extensions will always have your back! However, if you are on the finer hair side of things, ignoring your regular cuts won't help you achieve fuller locks or appear to seem fuller. As you're patiently growing your hair, why not look to temporary styles of hair extensions like Clip In hair extensions or Halo hair extensions to help you fill in the gaps and boost your self-confidence.

Whether you like a sharp bob or the modern day lob (long bob), the importance of frequent trims is vital because you want to have clean blunt lines which means having majority of your hair the same length which means frequent hair cuts. Our in-house experts that a haircut should happen every 6 weeks to truly maintain a healthy and thick looking lob. Our Founder just took all her hair extensions out and went back to her faithful lob and only used our tape hair extensions to fill in the gaps at the front to fill in gaps from breakage. Hair extensions are a great way to get you through the times of hair growth if you are on the thinner side and want to add volume. We have noticed a significant increase in the modern day lob and we're here for it. It's a super chic look that suits absolutely everyone and most hair textures. 

What About Coloured Hair? 

Regardless of your hair type, we're not surprised if you're someone that frequently colours their hair or goes through chemical treatments but doing either of these things will damage your hair one way or another so it's important to keep on top of your cuts for maximum health for your hair. Work with your hairdresser to ensure that you are getting a trim every time that you colour or treat your hair to save money and time by cutting down your trips to your salon. Like we mentioned, coloured and chemically-treated hair are prone to damage and even more so if you add heat styling into the mix - so if you're frequently using a hair straightener or blow dryer to style your hair. We've said this in almost every blog, but make sure you are using a thermal spray to protect your hair when using heated tools. To further help protect your hairs health, use a hair oil or mask to assist keeping your coloured and treated hair moisturised as well as safe from split ends and brittle textures. Regular haircuts will certainly help in combating split ends and damaged hair because you will be removing them and allowing your hair to grow and increase its health. Not to mention, if possible, it would be a good idea to take a break when you can from chemical treatments and colouring to allow your hair to breathe and have the chance of repairing - especially if you start to notice more and more damage. 

We read in a survey written in 2017 that the average woman will go for a haircut three times a year... which scares us. Of course, depending on your hair type this can be plausible but if you want to make the most of your locks we don't encourage missing regular salon visits for a trim. Don't trade length for dry and damaged hair - be patient and work on your hairs health more than length because we promise it will grow lusciously if you stick to regular salon visits for your trim. If you're skipping regular haircuts, your hair can also become dry and look dull - we know you don't want this! If you use chemical treatments, not getting rid of any damaged ends will weigh on your hair and be seriously detrimental to your hairs health. Regular hair appointments don't always mean dramatic changes, if you miss your appointment then yes, you could be looking at dramatic changes. Remember, frequent trims will not only help maintain your hairstyle you love so much it will also keep your hair healthy, avoiding brittle and dry locks full of split ends and leave your hair looking shiner, fuller and healthy!

How Can You Keep Your Hairstyle For Longer Between Cuts?

We know the dream is to have easy, manageable hair and the best way to maintain healthy hairstyles is to care for our hair. Giving your scalp some much needed TLC can mean using heat protecting products when styling and limiting your chemical treatments will absolutely help in maintaining your hairstyle and hair health as well as prolonging your visit to the salon. We suggest avoiding activities that can cause any damage or further damage to your hair such as high/tight ponytails, vagarious towel drying, UV damage and being too rough when brushing your hair. By protecting the health of your hair you're also getting the absolute most out of your hairstyle for longer. How often you get your hair cut also shouldn't keep you from testing our new hairstyles, get creative! There so many versatile styles to try and if you end up hating it, you will always have our hair extensions to help you bring back the love for your hair and feeling confident again. 

So overall, depending on your haircut will determine how long you should leave in between visits to your hairdresser for a health trim. Leave no longer than 12 weeks if you have curly hair and no longer than 8 weeks for any other hair texture. Remember, use heat protectant and get your scheduled hair trims! 




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