Hairlight: Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad has been every girls hair goals at least once in their life. From the first time she was on our screens during Laguna Beach to The Hills and then of course her hair journey off camera. 
It seemed only right to have Lauren be our first blog post introducing our segment "Hairlight" where we put the spotlight and gush over celebrities hair because she is our ultimate hair goals!
If you don't already know, Lauren has had her loyal hairstylist and now friend, Kristen Ess behind her luscious locks for years. If you're a fanatic of The Hills like us, you would of spotted the vibrant orange mane of Kristen in the season 2 episode "New Year, New Friends" when Audrina, Lauren and Heidi are getting their hair done at the salon before a night out. Since then, Kristen has been the genius behind all of Lauren's hair colours, styles, textures and changes. All hail, Kristen Ess! Kristen Ess has recently go on to launch her own line of hair tools and products that will help us all finally achieve the signature Lauren Conrad curls at home!
Lauren Conrad with long hair styles
If you have short hair and you're looking back on Lauren's signature long blonde waves, we don't blame you for reconsidering your blunt cut and wanting to replace it with long gorgeous hair to match LC. Lucky for you, we have the perfect solution for the days you feel like having long hair when it's naturally short... HALOS! If you're a bit extra like we are, it's common in the office for our team to have two sets of halo extensions at home. One, for their natural hair length whether it be short, medium or long in length to add thickness and volume. Two, a length that's longer than your natural hair to, of course, add length but to add volume and thickness also. Halo's are incredibly easy to use and only take a few minutes to put in and seconds to remove. It will do absolutely zero damage to your hair also! It's a triple win if you're asking us. We have 28 colours with a wide range of blonde hues to completely transform yourself into LC, because let's face it... she is goals!
Lauren hasn't always sported long blonde hair, not too many years ago did she decide to chop her hair off to a neat, blunt bob that really changed the game for those who loyally followed Lauren's hair journey. Hair is just like fashion, it's a constant changing cycle where hairstyles are on trend, change and stop to only come back around again. Long hair stopped being the trend of the seasons and the blunt bob took over our Instagram, TV screens and graced the covers of our favourite magazines. If changing your short hair to long isn't your greatest desire for your hair, we still recommend halo extensions to add thickness to your hair for a more blunt and voluminous look. Not to mention, any natural brunette on the road to having bright blonde hair who can't always have their lifted to the level they wish, we recommend getting a blonde shade that is lighter and have it blend in with your hair. This is a great tip to keep your hair healthy and avoid breakage from attempting to lift the hair beyond it's capabilities. 
Several hairstyles of Lauren Conrad with short hair
Lastly, and probably our most favoured hair LC has had is her beautiful mid length platinum blonde hair. This modern twist on two trends that never seem to go out of style, icy blonde hair and added length has us screaming goals every time we see her pictured with the beloved do. Whether your hair is super long or just a few inches under your collarbone, this length and colour will never go out of style. It's no secret that having blonde hair can be high maintenance but the saying is true, blondes really do have more fun. That's no shade to our dark haired beauties!
Here is a list of products we recommend using to achieve Lauren's icy blonde locks from blonde shampoo, toner, hair masks and extensions!

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