How To Avoid Natural Hair Loss

Probably high on a lot of women's worst-fears list is hair loss. Losing your hair can do some serious damage to not only your overall hair texture and thickness but it also does serious damage to your self esteem. There could be more than one reason as to why you are suffering from hair loss starting from the common factor of your family genetics. You could be doing everything right by your hair and still suffer from hair loss and you have your unfortunate family genetics to thank for that. The good news is that there are ways to help fill in the gaps, hair extensions being at the top of list - you also have wigs, hair caps etc.   
It's important to do research in sourcing routines that will fit best to you but below we have listed a few common mistakes you could be making that wouldn't be helping you in avoiding hair loss and how to fix those mistakes.

Not Eating Healthy And Not Drinking Enough Water

If you're binge eating everyday on unhealthy fast foods, salty and sweet snacks you're actually not doing any good for your hair. Believe it or not, but your hair is a living part of your body, so you need to feed it what it needs to survive! Eating a well balanced diet that is rich in protein, veggies and fruits will help prevent hair loss but it also encourages your hair to grow because your body is receiving all this goodness, your hair will absorb it straight away and begin to grow. It should come as no surprise to hear that drinking a decent amount of water will have you benefiting in more ways than one. Not only will your hair thank you for it, so will your skin and your body. Your skin will start to glow and your organs will function a whole let better when it's receiving copious amounts of water throughout the day. A trick to have you drinking water is to have a bottle on your desk (that has a straw), have it in between your hands when you're typing and you should find yourself just casually sipping on water. Having water in your eyesight throughout the day will make it easier and less of a chore for you to keep on top of your water intake. Drink teas that require no milk, water tonics with added veggies or fruits for added flavour... your options in spicing up your water are endless. Pinterest will be your best friend in finding water recipes. If you want to know how much water to drink a day, the recommended amount is eight glasses a day, aim for two litres in simpler terms.

Too Much Stress

Not a lot of people know this but stress attacks the immune system which can result in a lot of health issues. It's really important that you find an outlet that allows you to decompress and relax. Whether that be yoga, pilates, a glass of wine, seeking professional help, bubble bath whatever it may be, it truly should be a priority in knowing what calms you down to avoid stress and to protect your health. Unwinding will help you prevent hair loss and also prevent major health problems that can pop up later down or the track. A neat trick we've learnt is that giving yourself a scalp massage will lower your stress levels and have you instantly relaxing but it also helps stimulate hair growth. By gently using your fingertips in a delicate circular motion, you are encouraging blood flow in your scalp and this is what causes the stimulation your hair needs to grow. Use hair oil to add a little more relaxation to your head massage.

Low Iron Levels

As women, it's extremely common to have iron deficiencies due to all the process our body goes through monthly and how our DNA is structured. Having low iron levels impact hair loss because iron helps produce hair cell proteins, so having low iron levels lowers to production of those needed hair cell proteins. It can be a real struggle with those who suffer from anemia, a severe iron deficiency condition where there is a lack of red blood cells which are needed to carry oxygen around the body and it's tissues. Those with anemia also struggle with the body absorbing iron and need to take further supplements like vitamin C to promote the body to absorb iron and begin functioning as it should be. Good news is that iron deficiencies can be cured or maintained by iron supplements. Always seek advice from a medical professional before self-diagnosing something as serious as iron deficiencies. If you aren't keen on the idea of taking supplements, eating foods that are high in iron are VITAL in aiding your iron deficiencies. Beats, nuts, leafy greens and protein rich foods are all foods required in boosting your iron levels, introducing these into your diet will do your body a world of good - not to mention your hair will thank you for it and will make hair loss less of a problem and more maintainable. 

Hormonal Hair Loss

Hormonal hair loss has a varied list as to why it can cause hair loss. Pregnancy and post-partum hair loss being the most common cause for hormonal hair loss. Hypothyroidism, high estrogen and menopause are also causes of hormonal hair loss. Those suffering hair loss post-partum can find solace in the fact that it isn't permanent and you hair will grow back. Remember eating a healthy diet and drinking lots of water will assist you in recovering from your hair loss. Supplements are also available to those suffering from hypothyroidism and high estrogen, always seek professional medical advice to help you find the best combination for you and your body. 

Over-use In Heated Tools

Over-using heated tools such as straighteners, curling wands and blow dryers can cause serious damage to your hair and result in significant hair loss. Using the mentioned tools too much will dry out the hair which will begin to cause nasty split ends and breakage. Look out for tell-tale signs that your heated tool is too hot... if your hair is too hot to touch after using your favourite heated tool, it's too hot to use on your hair - try lowering the heat settings if possible and ALWAYS use heat protection on every section of hair your applying heat to! If your hair smells like it's burning, it's because it is, turn down that setting and relieve your hair from damages. Try limiting the usage of heated tools by using products that assist in holding styles, such as the latest formula created from Fanola - Fanola No More. Fanola No More is designed to help defeat frizz and lessen to amount of water used when in the shower (how cool is that!). Because of the clay ingredients, this is what allows style to hold and will overall lessen the amount of times you need to use your heated tools. A helpful tip is to sleep with a silk pillowcase - using a silk pillowcase doesn't cause the hair to become dry like cotton does and even your skin benefits from using a silk pillowcase. Lastly, it's important to dry and air-dry your hair whenever possible. We understand those with thick and frizzy hair don't always have this luxury but tying your hair in a loose braid to air-dry a little before blow drying will still lessen the amount of time you use blow drying your hair. Giving your hair a break from heated tools will ultimately 

 Incorrect Use Of Hair Extensions

You might be surprised to see that hair extensions can cause hair loss considering we sell hair extensions, but it's important to know the misuse of hair extensions can indeed lead to hair loss. For example, teasing your hair before applying any hair extension with clips can cause long term damage to your hair because you're creating knots and adding extra strain onto styled hair. Our clip in hair extensions are made to sit flat on the head and don't require any further help to stay secure in the hair. When using permanent style hair extensions, if you don't follow the advice given to you by your hair professional you will damage your hair and start to see hair loss. Speak with your hair dresser and let them know of any concerns and worries you may have when it comes to hair loss from extensions and how to avoid it. 

Avoid Hairstyles That Are Straining

Although Ariana Grande's hair is awfully chic and iconic, it's incredibly damaging to have your hair tightly pulled back everyday. Not only does it add strain on your hair cuticles but it will eventually create a receding hairline that we're sure you don't want. Any hairstyle that tightly pulls on your hair and scalp will damage your hair over time and result in hair loss. Also note, styling your hair with your part in the same direction can cause hair loss. Ultimately, it's the same with everyday up-styling, you are adding strain and pressure on the same part of your hair daily so it's important to play around with your part to relive your hair from stress and damage. Remember that brushing your hair 2-3 times a day will encourage hair growth which will solve a lot of your hair loss problems. 

Lack Of Sleep

No surprise here... lack of sleep can affect your body in numerous ways and one of them can result in hair loss. When you're asleep, your body is catching up after the day and is rejuvenating itself for the next day. Consciously trying to add more sleep into your routine will do you, your hair and your body a world of good. Try listening to podcasts that assist in falling asleep, sip on herbal teas or simply close your eyes in a darkened room and let your body do it's thing. Don't find the signs of being tired, listen to your body and it'll look for you.

Not Taking Hair Supplements

There are so many things on the market that is available to help grow hair and nails as well as protecting your skin. Doing some research into a hair vitamin that is best for you is wise because it will definitely prevent hair loss in the future and strengthen your hair. We highly recommend JS Health Vitamins, in particular their hair + energy formula that created to encourage hair growth and has loads of good stuff that your hair needs to grow. Our Founder has been taking this particular hair vitamin for over a year now and has seen dramatic results in the overall texture, thickness and length of your hair. She regularly has her hair bleached to stay bright and blonde so she found taking this supplement helped her keep her hair strong instead of becoming brittle and damaged. JS Health has vitamins that will go hand-in-hand with upgrading your overall health which will always assist in your hair loss issues because you're pumping your body full of nutrients it needs on a daily basis. 
Hopefully knowing the above common mistakes and how to fix them will now assist you in preventing hair loss. Although hard to deal with, these habits and trick tips will hopefully have you on the road to confidence again. In the meantime, hair extensions are always available to fill in the gaps and have a range of styles and colours readily available to you!



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