How To Protect Your Hair In Winter

As we write this blog today, you look outside and you could swear it's a hot summers day but when you walk outside you'd be smacked in the face with the sharp cold air and be reminded that it's actually the middle of Winter - yay (sarcasm!). With winter comes the winter fashion that we all live and die for but what we tend to forget about is what winter also brings in is an environment that can be damaging for your hair. Winter brings in cold air which is something that will dry out your hair and make it prong to damage - but it's not just your natural hair you have to worry about, it's your hair extensions too.
But never fear, we're here to give you tips that'll protect your hair throughout winter, follow our tips and thank us later!

1. Change Your Shampoo And Conditioner

We're not sure if anyone has ever told you this before but it's important to rotate your shampoo and conditioner so that your hair doesn't become used to it, you want to consistently be giving your hair nutrients and just like when you drink coffee too much, the effects of caffeine wear off because your body has become used to it... the same science applies to your hair with hair products. You don't want your hair getting used to a certain formula because its magic potency dims and will eventually stop working to its fullest potential - think of it as your hair getting an awakening every time you mix up your haircare products, you never want your hair to stop doing that! 

You would never let your skin dry out in winter would you, so why neglect your hair or treat it any less? As we mentioned, the cold dry environment that comes with the winter air has the habit of sucking all the natural moisture from your hair as well as your hair extensions. If you aren't taking the right precautions or using the right products, it can be really detrimental to the integrity of your natural hair and your hair extensions. Summer and spring should consistent of lighter products, ones that aren't so heavy on the hair whereas winter should be the opposite, you want a more dense product to really coat your hair and hair extensions to ensure everything stays hydrated and healthy. Hydration is key! 

When shopping for your winter shampoo and conditioners, steer clear of anything chemical heavy and they're not necessarily always the best choice and that's because they have the potentials to strip your hair extensions of its colour. Instead, look into moisture rich shampoos and conditioners that have been designed specifically for dry, damaged hair because it will contain ingredients that will give your hair and hair extensions a hydration boost. Argan oil is always an ingredient you can count on to help battle frizz and leave your hair hydrated, soft and healthy.

2. Healthy Trims

Regardless of the season, you should always be getting your routinely healthy trim. Tending to your ends and getting rid of any split ends will always be beneficial to your hair because the split ends won't travel and you're cutting off any dead weight from your hair. We recommend every 4-8 weeks to fit yourself into an appointment to get your hair trimmed, it doesn't have to be anything drastic but it all depends on your hairs health.

3. Limit How Often You Wash Your Hair

Even the oiliest of hair types should avoid washing their hair everyday because of the essential natural oils your scalp produces. Winter is the perfect time to ease up on how often you wash your hair. Easy way to remember why not to wash your hair everyday is because will strip your hair and your hair extensions of any natural oils. It evenly important to remember that hair extensions do not have the ability to replace any stripped natural oils like your natural hair can. Try washing your hair every second day, third even if you can. Dry shampoo will ultimately be your best friend in these cases to prolong your wash and if your hair is past the point of saving, opt for a sleek & chic low bun to get you through the day. Trick tip... whenever you're washing your hair, try and use luke warm water (yep, even in winter). Using hot water can dry out not only your hair but your skin as well, so keep the temperature as cool as you can - the cooler the better in this case.

4. Limit Heat Styling

We love a manicured look the same as anyone but we also know just how detrimental an over use of heat styling can be, not only to your natural hair but to your hair extensions too. However, there are so many items and products on the market now to cater for the days where we should put down the straightener and pick them up instead. The viral sensation on TikTok are the heatless curls which are taking the world by storm which can be found on Amazon or you can even DIY with a robe sash! We're not saying you have to completely stop using them, but definitely limit heat styling on your hair and hair extensions when you can. Lowered temperatures is another way you can protect your hair if you just can't not use heated styling when getting ready. 

5. Use High Quality Products

Always look at the ingredients label when looking for products for your hair and your hair extensions. Use products that are tailored for dry & damaged hair or even hair care products that are designed for hair extensions. We have a haircare line in the works that will help hydrate and keep your hair extensions healthy so you'll never have to worry. An easy tip from home is weekly hair masks or treatments. Intensive treatments will keep your hair and hair extensions in good shape meaning they'll look soft, healthy and luscious. 

6. Use A Humidifier

This point by take you by surprise because it's not spoken about enough, but an easy way to keep your hair and skin hydrated during the winter months is to get yourself a humidifier. The dry air in the winter combined with all the heating indoors can result in really dry air around your house and even your work place. A humidifier can make all the difference in your hair, skin and hair extensions that you'll actually notice.

And there you have it, 6 simple steps to remember to follow during the winter time to help heal or keep your hair and hair extensions healthy. Taking the time to do your research and then implementing a winter haircare routine will only give you benefits that you'll visibly see and feel. Just like our skin, we all want the perfect hair 

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