How To Undo Your Hair Styling Mistakes

Making mistakes when styling your hair throughout your life is almost inevitable unless your parents are full-blown hair masters and teach you from a young age what not to do. Therefore, today's blog is all about learning about common mistakes you could be making when styling your hair and basically reversing the aftermath and protecting your hair. Continue reading below to see a compiled list of common hair mistakes such as the times you accidentally curl your hair in the wrong direction or without thermal spray and learn the how-to's of how to undo your hair styling mistakes without starting entirely from scratch. We've got some expert tips to share with you below.

When you curl your hair the wrong way...

You could be an expert curler whether it's with a curling wand or a trusty hair straightener, it's inevitable that you'll make mistakes from time-to-time. In this case let's say you've created an unwanted bend in your hair with your curling wand, first thing to fix the mistake is to let it cool off... move onto another piece of hair and come back to that section of hair later - even if you're in a hurry, fight the urge to fix it right away because this will not only cause harm to your hair but won't fix the hair styling mistake. If you don't believe us and you go straight over it again, you'll find that your hair will fall flat and become much harder to curl because of the heat. Curls set when they're cool, no when they're still hot and fresh off the barrel. Reapply heat protectant on the now cooled down curl and restyle it in the way you first meant to in the beginning. Ta-da! What styling mistake? 

We cannot stress enough how important it is to use heat protectant whenever using heated styling tools and to absolutely let your hair completely cool down before going over your hair again with any heated styling tool. The same rule applies for your hair extensions, actually times the rule by 10 in how important it is to use heat protectant and wait till the hair is cold before restyling!

When you're a little too heavy handed on your dry shampoo...

This is such an easy mistake to make and we've all been there, when you're in a rush to get ready quickly and you didn't get a chance to wash your hair the night before. Dry shampoo is 100% a hair lifesaver! Brunettes especially, we know dry shampoo can especially be stressful for you when you find yourself applying too much and you're left with dry shampoo looking like dandruff. This is such an easy fix, all you need to do is dampen a towel and gentle dab the top of your scalp because this will absorb excess product that's just sitting on the surface of your hair. Don't straight away go for your brush when you're heavy handed with dry shampoo because you don't want to push the product further through your hair because then it becomes harder to remove. Now that you've dabbed your scalp with a damp towel, you should notice a difference but may still see a white cast. Apply a tiny amount of hair oil to your fingers, rub your fingers together and carefully massage it into the affected area. We really do mean use a little bit, too much can run the risk of making your hair look oily again and you're back to square one. Using hair oil will mean that the oil will mimic natural oils found on your scalp to help absorb the excess dry shampoo.

Once you've applied the hair oil, you can finally brush your hair and distribute what is left of the excess dry shampoo and boom! Your hair is looking fresh, looking like you washed it and everything is good in the world of hair again! 

When you get that dreaded dent in your hair from an elastic...


We all know what we're talking about when we say elastic dent in your hair... you spend all the time in the world giving yourself or receiving the best blowout but you're doing house work, at your yoga class or any activity that requires your hair tied back and all of a sudden your beautiful blowout is ruined! Let's prevent that dreaded hair elastic dent but trading in your usual elastic band for a scrunchie instead. Because scrunchies are made from soft fabric, it is less likely to cause a dent in your hair. Added bonus - a scrunchie will cause less harm on your hair because you won't experience any pulling, snagging or breakage on your hair. 

If you still find yourself with a dent in your hair, grab your heat protectant, straightener or curler and go over it with either heated tool. Another trick is to wet your brush and brush over the affected area and grab your blow-dryer and only focus on that area where the dent is and slowly blow it out. You don't need to completely redo your whole head, just the area where the dent is.

When you can't get to that one spot on your scalp with your straightener...

You know that one pesky section of your hair you feel you can never quite get to when straightening your hair whilst the rest of your mane is sleek, straight and ready to go? Maybe you left your hair straightener on your hair too long and you can visibly see where you started straightening your hair, well that's super easy to undo as well. Grab a rats comb and grab about an inch of hair underneath the affected area and lift your hair up towards the roof, then grab your straightener and put it directly on the root and pull up the hair whilst it's towards the roof. You'll find you have more room to get to the scalp when you lift your hair. 


And there you have it, you made a styling mistake and we told you how to fix it! Let us know in the comments what styling mistake you've made and how you fixed it - sharing is caring! 


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