How To Wash Your Tape In Hair Extensions

Although extremely easy, knowing how to wash your tape in hair extensions properly will extend the longevity in which they remain in your hair. Tape in hair extensions are a great option for adding semi-permanent (we say semi-permanent because they can be removed and reapplied) length and added volume to your natural hair. Our invisi-tape extensions are safe and will cause zero damage to your own hair if correctly applied and maintained. They're a commitment you need to be sure you're ready to maintain because they have specific instructions and golden rules to follow to ensure they're in your hair as long as possible before you need to have them re-rooted in your hair. 
When you get tape in extensions, make sure to avoid washing your hair before 72 hours after they're applied. If you wash your hair too soon, the adhesive won't set in time which can result in premature slippage and potential wefts falling out.
One of the biggest roles in needing to know how to do correctly is knowing how to wash your invisi-tape hair extensions. Stress less, because we got you and we made sure to make our guide super easy to use and follow.
Step One: Brush Your Hair!
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Before you even start, you must brush out all the knots and tangles from the day. This is because when you're getting in deep with shampoo, you aren't adding knots on top of knots and ending up with a bird nest that's beyond repair - every girls worst nightmare. 
Step Two: Shampoo The Right Way
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When using shampoo, make sure you are primarily using a sulphate and alcohol free shampoo. Using such shampoos will prolong the lifespan of your hair extensions but will also be more gentle on the adhesive used on your tape in hair extensions. This isn't to say you can't use any shampoo with Hey Stacey hair extensions, we just recommend using sulphate and alcohol free options.
Always shampoo your hair twice. Rub gently but thoroughly on your scalp and only bring it down the ends if you notice product build up and during the last shampoo rinse before conditioner. When you get tape hair extensions put in, it will be hard to get your fingers/fingernails gently between the tapes so we recommend using the palm of your hands to help rub in the shampoo and distribute it easily. However, as your hair grows your tape extensions will create gaps between your scalp and the top of your extensions - this is when you can gently slide your fingers through your hair and shampoo your hair that way.
Don't ever be too rough because you will cause premature slippage, knots or have weft pieces fall out from product getting into the tape extensions adhesive.
Step Three: Time To Condition
Never ever put condition on your scalp when you have tape hair extensions. Doing so will cause the tape to slip or be detrimental to the stickiness of the adhesive and cause weft pieces to fall out. When conditioning your hair, only apply to the mid-ends of your hair and allow it to sit on the hair for 5 minutes to give the hair a chance to absorb all the goodness a conditioner provides. Be sure to rinse thoroughly. 
In between washes, use a leave-in conditioner on the ends only to add shine and moisture back into your hair extensions.
Step Four: Dry Don't Fry
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The drying process of your tape hair extensions is crucial. Never go longer than 30 minutes before you start drying the adhesive on your tape extensions. If you leave the tape for too long, it will lose it's strength and again cause slippage or weft pieces to fall out. Begin drying your hair by towel drying it, don't be vigorous in your motions - simply towel dab and scrunch. If you're rough, you're only asking for knots and tangles in your own hair and your hair extensions. 
Section your hair and start by ensuring the tape is dry on your hair before using a brush to dry the ends. If the tape is still went and you start pulling on it with a brush when drying the ends, you will cause the tape to slip on the hair. Always ensure the tape is dry first and then dry the ends. Golden rule: Use heat protectant... ALWAYS. We strongly encourage you to use the lowest heat setting when blow drying your hair, even using the cool setting. Yes, this adds time onto how long it takes to dry your hair however this extends the lifespan of your hair extensions and prevents them from becoming frail and damaged.
Once you've dried all your hair, finish it off with a shine serum or hydrating cream to add moisture back into your hair extensions.
It's honestly that simple to wash your tape in hair extensions. Follow the steps and golden rules above and see the weeks and months pass by before you have to visit your hairdresser again to reinstall your hair extensions. 
Remember - tape in hair extensions are a commitment and have specific care instructions. Following them diligently and correctly will absolutely guarantee the longevity of your hair extensions as well as prolonging the lifespan of the hair in your extensions. 

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