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Hey Stacey is a smooth sailing ship thanks to the persistence and determination of Sharna, our "she-eo" as she likes to call it. At only the age of 25, Sharna was given the rare opportunity to build a brand from nothing but a name to an empire with having zero experience in doing so and quickly had to learn what it took to run a business solo. Sharna worked previously in the retail industry for close to 10 years working her way up into a Store Manager's role for a well known Australian fashion retail chain as well as juggling a Senior Fashion Intern role for 6 years within the Australian magazine industry. Sharna is a true Capricorn in the fact that she has an unbreakable work ethic that has her pouring her whole heart and soul into Hey Stacey and never stops working! Sharna has always dreamt of working in the editorial scene of Australia but there was always a deep desire to empower others through beauty, specifically in hair! This is how Hey Stacey was born.
Sharna worked closely with the partners of Hey Stacey having known them for over 5 years which allowed her to build relationships within the industry that would help better the quality and existence of Hey Stacey so when ready, she could begin to put together the pieces and lay down the foundation of a soon-to-be empire. She prides Hey Stacey on the fact that it wasn't a pipe dream brand but a carefully thought out vision that only had the genuine goal of empowering others through hair because to Sharna, hair is the veil to the soul and it is more than just beauty... it's a security blanket that coddles you throughout your day-to-day life. Come late 2019, Sharna was ready to build Hey Stacey from a name and turn it into a brand that people would remember and people would fall inlove with just as much as she did. 
How Did Hey Stacey Start?
Hey Stacey started because I wanted to present a product that filled in the gaps that I saw in my competitors. I have always loved hair and finding the perfect pair of extensions that I deemed good quality was always tough because there would always be one or two flaws that I couldn't see past. I'm a Capricorn, so that means I strive for perfection and wont rest until I get it. I grew up watching people such as Lauren Conrad who always had beautiful and luscious long hair and she always inspired me when it came to my hair as I was growing up. My team and I worked really hard in sourcing the perfect factory and partner that were genuine in supplying the high quality hair I had been sourcing for years.
What Inspires You?
Fashion and beauty has always been what inspires me in everything I do. I am constantly on Instagram and Pinterest to see what my favourite fashion blogger is wearing, what is the latest make up must-have promoted by my favourite beauty vlogger and pinning all sorts of things from hair, fashion, beauty and home inspiration on my boards. It was important to me to present a lot of fashion and beauty in Hey Stacey when I was building the brand.
What Are Hair Products You Can't Live Without?
Purple shampoo! I am naturally a brunette and have been dying my hair blonde for years now so the importance of upkeep between visits to my hairdresser is vital! I would be lost without it.
Why Do You Choose Hey Stacey Over Other Brands?
Hey Stacey is consistent and genuine. I wanted to make sure there were no secrets hidden from our customers so they knew what they were truly getting when purchasing hair extensions from Hey Stacey. We are premium in high quality hair and our hair cannot be found anywhere else because it is uniquely (and ethically!) sourced solely for Hey Stacey and I pride ourselves on that fact.
What Attracted You To This Job?
I was given complete and total freedom in building this brand for myself and my partners. I couldn't of built this brand on my own and having the trust and faith from the partners of Hey Stacey was what kept me going, to continue pushing myself harder to get better results. I was able to build a brand that I wanted with the target audience I wanted, with morals, mission and goals I wanted. Hey Stacey was allowed to be my vision and that is what attracted me to this job. 
What Is Something Your Friends Would Consider "So You"?
Fashion! I have a undeniable passion for fashion and anything that relates to modern trends would be considered "so me" from my friends. I'm guilty of the splurge and enjoy expressing myself through fashion.
Who Is Your Girl Crush?
I have so many! My "OG" would have to be Kylie Minogue! I have been a fan of Kylie since I was 6 years old, I am now 26 and still just as bewildered by her talent as I was when I was 6 years old. I also love Lauren Conrad, Olivia Palermo, Dove Cameron, Rachel Zoe and a heavy handful of fashion bloggers!
What's The Best Piece Of Advice You've Ever Received?
"Work hard to get what you want in life". From a young age my mum always said to me that I had champagne taste on a coco-cola wage so to have all the things I wanted in life I had to work hard and continuously work hard to have everything I wanted. I pride myself on my work ethic because I have such a genuine desire to work and to do it well that I won't stop until i'm satisfied in my work. It's to my demise sometimes but I believe that if you work hard, you can have anything you desire!

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