Tape In Hair Extensions: Do's and Don'ts

The choice in picking which hair extensions to use is a tough decision alone, but the upkeep and maintenance from home can also be tough if you don't do your research on how to care for them or listen to the professional advice given to you by your hair stylist. Tape In extensions are the safest permanent option on the market because it will have the least amount of damage on your natural hair in the long run. They apply the least amount of weight on your natural rooted hair which won't result in breakage of your natural hair or baldness in the sections the extensions were placed in. Tape in extensions won't leave any residue if removed correctly as opposed to glued in options. Depending on your hair stylist's application method, tape requires no heat which is an instant bonus because unnecessary heat to the hair will cause damage. Tape In extensions are applied by sectioning your natural hair to then have two pieces of tape wefts sandwiched between your real hair. This is where stylists may use a hair straighter or blow dryer to add heat onto the tape to bond the adhesive however, this technique isn't vital in adding on extra wear-time. 
Now that you know how tape in extensions are applied, it's important you know how to care for them properly. If you take proper care of your extensions they can last anywhere from 9-12+ months whereas if you take very little care of your tape in extensions, they can last anywhere from 2-6 months. Continue reading below to learn our do's and don'ts plus a few tips and tricks on how to keep your natural hair healthy to be the perfect base for tape in extensions!
Watch our video to see how invisi-tape hair extensions are applied in the hair.


  1. Brush Your Hair Before Washing Your Hair With Shampoo And Conditioner 
    Did you know that regularly brushing your hair encourages hair growth? By brushing your hair, you are stimulating the cuticles in your roots which encourages your hair to grow. Brushing your hair also removes tangles and knots and by doing so will eliminate damages to your hair. Brushing your hair before washing will leave your hair tangle free which is vital because when using shampoo it is known to cause tangles from the deep and throughout lathering process. If you skip brushing your hair before a wash, you are multiplying the tangles and knots in your hair which can lead to severe breakage. Note: you shouldn't brush your hair when it's wet because that it is when your hair is most fragile. Pat dry your hair and wait for it to air dry before running a brush through your hair. If it's still wet, use a wide tooth comb.
  2. Use The Correct Products For Maintenance 
    If your hairstylist recommends you a product that will assist you in maintaining your tape in extensions from home, take the recommendation! Your beloved and trusted hair stylist has spent years on training and learning how to provide you with the best and most genuine advice when it comes to your hair. It is important to invest in your hair and to not be naive and lazy if you're going to commit to tape in hair extension because it will require delicate and specific care from home. We don't all have the luxury of live-in hair stylists like our favourite celebs do, so you need to be using the right products for your hair. Be sure to read what ingredients are in your shampoos and conditioners, don't use products that contain sulphate or alcohol as this will strip your hair of natural oils or dye from colour/toner. Silicon based products create a thick coating on your hair that can stop nutrition from getting into the cuticles of your hair, natural and extensions ergo damaging your hair in the long run because it won't be receiving the required hydration and care needed. 
  3. Sleep With Your Hair In A Loose Braid
    You should never go to bed with your hair wet and out for all the knots and tangles to form whilst you sleep. To protect your hair, we recommend loosely tying your your hair into a braid so that when when you're sleeping your hair will be free from tangles. For an extra tip, invest in a silk pillowcase to sleep on. Sleeping with a silk pillowcase will stop frizz and prevent knots and tangles. It should be no secret that sleeping on cotton fabric dries out your hair which will result in breakage. Using a silk pillowcase will also assist in keeping styled hair in place equaling less time needed in styling your hair the next day. 
  4. Use Heat Protectant Spray
    Whenever applying heat to your hair and hair extensions, it is imperative you are using a thermal protectant spray or serum. Applying unnecessary heat to your hair will result in automatic damage, no matter how healthy your hair is. Using heated tools dries out the hair follicles which make your hair prone to split ends which overall can make your hair look lifeless and show that it is damaged. Using heated tools is a necessity in a lot of our lives, therefore that's why the golden rule is always to use heat protection however, the beauty of hair extensions is that you don't need to use heated tools as much because styles stay longer in the extensions than your natural hair does. 
  5. Be Gentle
    The last and possibly the most important rule with tape in hair extensions is to be gentle. You don't want to be rough whenever tending to your hair. Being too rough when brushing your hair can cause the hair to snap which results in spilt ends and excess breakage. Be sure when you're washing your hair to be mindful where the tape is placed in your hair and to be careful to not get your fingers caught between the growth of your natural hair and the adhesive on the extensions. Be gentle, it is as simple as that!


  1. Don't Wash Your Hair Everyday
    Some say this is a hair myth and have some experts saying that you can wash your hair everyday if your hair type allows it, but in the case of hair extensions it's extremely important you know not to excessively wash your hair. Doing so will dry your extensions out and make them brittle and prone to damage such as snapping and split ends. 
  2. Don't Apply Oil Like Textures Near The Tape
    As tedious as this may sound, it's important to keep slippery textures such as oils from the tape. Excess oil build up can cause the tapes to slip down the hair which will result in quicker visits to the salons or premature damage to the extensions. Be sure to apply your serums on the bottoms of your hair and lightly on the top of your scalp as a very thin layer if you wanted to tend to the top of your head.
  3. Don't Pick and Play With Your Tape Extensions
    Your fingers have oils on them that can be detrimental to your tape extensions and cause build up around the grown areas, this could potentially lead to the tape separating sooner or slippage. Although tape is the most weightless option on your natural hair, it's best to keep any added weight like your hands, built up product or tool use to a minimum. Adding excessive weight onto your head can take a toll on your natural hair and begin to add strain onto your strands and cause breakage. 
  4. Don't Put Your Hair Up High... Often
    Sorry to our ponytail queens... tape extensions may not be the option for you. Of course, you can wear your hair in a ponytail or bun with tape in extensions, you just shouldn't do it often because you are putting stress on your hair follicles, will lessen the tape and the tapes can become visible. If you can't part ways with your beloved pony, it's best you try flat tip extensions due to their 360 movement. Try to steer clear of anything that'll have you pulling your hair, this will damage not only your extensions but your natural hair also.
  5. Get Your Hair Wet After Application For 48 Hours
    This time is crucial for your tape extensions because they're still setting after you leave the salon. Make sure you plan your visit so that for the next two days your hair is free from any added moisture such as sweat and water. Don't get involved with any activity that'll have you sweating and don't get your hair wet in the shower because if you do either of those things during the 48 hour setting process, the tape will begin to loosen and won't set correctly. 

Now that you know 5 very important do's and don'ts when it comes to caring for your tape hair extensions, we have provided a small list bellow of tips that will help you with the above and hopefully make it easier for you to care and maintain for your extensions. Invest time and money into your hair, treat it with love and you'll see your luscious locks show you love right back. 

- When tying your hair up, use elastic bands that don't have any metal fastenings to prevent the hair from breakage.
- To have the perfect base for your extensions, it's important to take care of your natural hair to. Try taking a hair vitamin that promotes healthy hair growth. Yes, this will stimulate your hair to grow which means your extensions will need to be redone sooner, however the integrity of your hair remains strong which will lessen the amount of breaks in-between sessions if your hair is naturally fragile.
- Once a week, apply a deep conditioning mask on your hair to add some moisture. Remember to only apply it to the ends of your hair and keep away from the tape.
- Use a loop bristle brush, like this one here, to brush your hair during the day. We recommend brushing your hair 3-4 times a day to prevent knots and tangles.
- Never sleep with wet hair.
- Sleep with your hair in a loose braid on a silk pillowcase.
- Never brush your hair when freshly wet, allow your hair to airdry before running a wide tooth comb through it. Your hair is most fragile when wet!

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