The Hair That Was - 2020 Hair Trends All Wrapped Up

Besides the negative connotations that come with 2020, it was a massive year for hair! Everyone that was stuck in lockdown felt the sudden urge to take their hair into own hands and create home salons - some trends created masterpieces and others... not so much. We're looking at those self cut bangs, now that was a scary trend. Come later on in 2020, salons were once again open and we saw everyone sprint to their treasured hairstylists for root touch ups, toning those unwanted yellows and of course, fix those home cuts gone seriously wrong! With those bangs gone wrong came the beloved 70's bangs trend to hide the disaster that was, sleek bobs to pixie cuts and thick money pieces to frame the face more prominently. 
Despite COVID-19 setting the world in a history making pandemic, our favourite celebrities still found a way to serve us what we wanted from them on a silver platter - fierce haircut inspirations all year round! During lockdown, we saw many A-listers get creative and also play their part in taking their hair into their own hands with DIY haircuts and dye jobs. Once the salons re-opened many celebs were quick to see their devoted hairstylists for a post-quarantine hair revamp. 
With all that said, if 2020 taught us anything it's that our hairstylists are our heroes. Without them we would still have mismatched bangs, untoned yellow hair from our DIY bleach attempts and uneven layers from following that one video circling on Tik Tok... but in 2020 we saw some classic trends that will no doubt trickle into 2021 and we've picked our favourites for you to see.
The 70's Curtain Bangs
Our OG hair guru, Hilary Duff was someone we were LIVING to see sporting the 70's bangs trend of 2020. Nikki Lee is the artist behind Hilary's delicate fringe and she said in an interview that instead of doing full-on bangs, she opted for a curtain bang to sweep to the sides ultimately framing Hilary's face. The beauty of curtain bangs is they suit pretty much every face shape and can only enhance your facial features rather than working against them. Curtain bangs are the ultimate 70's vibes and like we said, we're living for it. We saw a few other A-listers chop their locks and get curtain bangs such as Selena Gomez, Hailey Bieber and aussie babe Stephanie Claire Smith. Selena Gomez has always been a consistent source of hair inspiration because at times we find it hard to keep up with her locks! The brains behind her bangs was Andrew Fitzsimons, genius if you ask us. 
The Modern Day Shag
We saw the likes of Miley Cyrus take on the mullet this year and we saw a few hit and misses follow after that but if the mullet isn't your thing, the modern day shag may tickle your fancy. Lyrical genius, Taylor Swift's short hair did a gentle nod to a mullet with softer edges and movement says Phillip Downing. The modern day shag is without a doubt a more feminine approach with its softness and versatility. With the new releases of Taylor's albums Folklore and Evermore came the video masterpiece that was a Folklore pond sessions alongside her writers and producers of the albums, in this we saw Taylor's grown out locks form into a perfectly messy shag that had us all lost for words and based on her recent photos, it looks like she'll be sporting this modern shag well into the new year too!
It's clear the 70's are here this year and were calling out to our favourite celebrities. Besides our beloved Taylor Swift, you can find music sensation Dua Lipa sport the modern day shag. The modern day shag is strong, sexy and flattering to all women. If you want an edgy vibe with a feminine twist, try a shag and it can be done with or without a strong fringe that can be cut away into long or short hair. We specially love the modern day shag with curly hair like Taylor or super sleek and chic like Dua but the modern day shag suits all hair textures and lengths.
The Rachel Greene Haircut 
We feel like this iconic haircut from the 90's sitcom smash, Friends "The Rachel" is always making a scene in any year but once again we see a comeback in 2020. Jennifer Aniston is already an icon but we wonder how she feels knowing her iconic haircut is just as famous as she is! "The Rachel" is all about the layers plus a really good blow-dry so the sections are smooth and curl under. The Rachel is no doubt a timeless haircut that's been big pretty much every year but really made a comeback this year. We love Hailey Bieber's modern twist on this iconic which she has been seen sporting in the year of 2020, we can always count on Hailey for hair inspo that has us rushing to our nearest salon. Hailey is basically a 90's supermodel living in the modern day world serving us looks we all stop and try. The difference between the iconic 90's Rachel haircut and Hailey's is the more laid back, Californian girl approach - it's effortless and it's chic. 
Blunt Cut Bob
Yet another classic hairstyle continues its prominent presence in the year of 2020 - the blunt cut bob. The power behind this ever so sleek and chic hair trend is that it suits absolutely everyone - not to mention it's the ultimate go-to for a complete hair transformation for those wanting a trendy change that is easy to style and effortless to last throughout the months and even years to come. Whether celebrities like Lucy Hale and Kristen Bell with their chic blunt bobs spike your interest, our favourite Aussie fashion influencer Laura Jade Stone is our ultimate inspo for the chic blunt bob. You know when you have long hair and you want to cut it after finally growing it from short hair? Laura is the one for us that always makes us want to do the chop and rock a blunt bob that's full of volume and all one length. 
Like we mentioned, the blunt bob is definitely a big decision for some but makes for a really, really dramatic look that frames your face. Blunt bobs can be flirty with soft and subtle layers or you can have a chobby bob that is blunt and makes an impact, whatever your poison we stan a blunt cut bob any day of the week, month or year!
90's Colourful Money Pieces
And last but certainly not least we have the 90's money pieces with a colourful twist! We crown Tik Tok the winner of this trend because it's obvious the stars of Tik Tok stirred up this trend when DIY bleaching first started on the popular app. Thank goodness for the likes of Brad Mondo and his hairdresser react videos to show the kids how to change their hair from home and NOT ruin their hair. We saw a lot of bleach jobs gone wrong where the lifting results didn't always go to plan so people were left with unwanted yellow tones that just couldn't be saved without professional help so what better to do than cover up unwanted tones with a fun colour - problem solved! But in all seriousness, in a year full of negativity, seeing this trend brought fun to a terrible situation. Bright colours are always happy colours to us and seeing people get creative was the true pinnacle for us in hair this year and its trends.
With only days left of 2020, we can't be the only ones who are happily wishing away this year and looking forward to a new year that will be full of new possibilities, opportunities and great hair! We predict a few of these hairstyles will be still be current on trend for year 2021 and we're 100% okay with that!
Let us know in the comments below what your favourite hair trend of 2020 was and if you too, turned your bathroom into a DIY salon and have a new prefound love for all things hair!a

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