What Are Clip In Hair Extensions?

Get your notepad and pen ready because today we're going to tell you exactly what are clip in hair extensions.
You will find this style of hair extensions in 90% of every brand of hair extensions due to its long history and being a fan favourite in the industry. Clip In extensions are definitely top tier for being the most versatile style of hair extensions available because of all the styling possibilities, placement opportunities and the instant transformation in under 10 minutes. Although here at Hey Stacey we have a wide variety (7 styles to be exact) of different hair extension styles to choose from including Halo hair extensions, Ponytail hair extensionsTape hair extensions and more we couldn't think of a more versatile style that we rate the highest than Clip In hair extensions.
Essentially, clip in hair extensions are individual weft pieces sewn or sealed onto a clip that you quite easily clip into your hair and they can be worn everyday, for any occasion and can be taken out the same day you point them in. We provide you with 9 wefts in each packet of our clip in hair extensions. You will receive the below amount of wefts in all of our colours and 3 lengths we have available:
  • 1 x 4 Clip weft piece
  • 2 x 3 Clip weft piece
  • 2 x 2 Clip weft piece
  • 4 x 1 Clip weft piece
To put this simply, Clip In hair extensions will give you INSTANT fuller hair that will stand the test of time if you take care of them well and we're going to tell you as we mentioned, what exactly clip in hair extensions are and why we rate them the highest out of all of our styles. 
  1. Are Clip In Hair Extensions Seamless?
Hey Stacey prides on the fact that we make all of our styles to appear seamless and very much like your natural hair to the best of our ability. Our Clip In hair extensions specifically are made to be seamless and won’t be visible when you wear them, each weft is made on a 300mm trim which makes them undetectable when worn. We use a light and little amount of matte silicone to bond the hair in our clip in hair extensions so they are sturdy, practical and most importantly, comfortable to wear. You will find a wide range of different styles of clip in hair extensions that can offer different levels of comfort, styles and flexibility such as fabric stitched base clip in hair extensions. Fabric stitched base clip in hair extensions offer the power of flexibility which in some professional opinions is more preferred. But rest assured, our clip in hair extensions will offer the same amount of flexibility when worn with the same amount of styling opportunities. 
If applied correctly, ours and all clip in hair extensions will appear seamless in your hair and be very comfortable to wear. View our clip in hair extension placement diagram below on where we recommend placing each weft and remember depending on your hairs texture and thickness, not every weft we offer you needs to be worn at once.
Clip in hair extensions placement diagram
  1. Will Clip In Hair Extensions Give Me Any Volume?
Calling out to all the thinner haired ladies, we know you struggle with volume and we hear you! Clip In hair extensions are your ideal solution to instant volume that will last you all day. Why? Because our clip in hair extensions are sealed in a thin 300mm trim, this will add a touch of bulk under your hair which elevates your natural hair giving it a natural looking, voluminous effect. If you're someone who likes to tease your roots before apply a clip in weft, this will also add onto the volume that naturally occurs when using clip in hair extensions - you could even lightly tease your natural hair that falls over the clip in weft for even more volume.  
  1. Can I Still Wear My Hair Up When Wearing Clip In Hair Extensions?
 That's a firm, strong YES! We wouldn't want to make something that might effect the chances of a style so classic like a bouncy high pony tail or sleek low bun etc - it's a must to have versatility. Although, we do have ponytail hair extensions to purchase, you might rather clip in hair extensions to create a longer, thicker ponytail with higher amount of weft pieces we offer in our clip in hair extension packets. If your hair is too thick or too short for a ponytail extension or even if your desired updo can't be customised using a ponytail extensions or even a halo, clip in hair extensions will offer you the flexibility of placement in your hair as opposed to a one-step-method like Halo's and Ponytail extensions. Because of how our clip in hair extensions are made, this will allow for you to be able to bend and twist the weft pieces in different positions to achieve your updo hairstyle as opposed to other styles of hair extensions which may not be as easy to manipulate. 
Hair styled by @hairbyandi__ using our 24" Clip In Hair Extensions in Sienna
  1. Do Clip In Hair Extensions Come In Multiple Lengths?
Clip In hair extensions are definitely the OG's of the industry which means you will find them in all different lengths, weights and colours across the globe. Here at Hey Stacey we offer 16", 20" and 24" with dedicated weights in grams for each length that will suit all hair types. Whether that be short hair and wanting to add length and volume, or you're already blessed with naturally thick, long hair and looking for sickening volume, clip in hair extensions have you covered. 
Our 16" clip in hair extensions are best for those with short or shoulder length hair who are looking to add volume and length. Our 20" clip in hair extensions are the perfect match for anyone wanting extra length and volume - no matter your hair type. Choosing 24" clip in hair extensions will give anyone the drama of length regardless of your natural hair length and texture. When we say our clip in hair extensions come in different weights for each length this is what you will receive when purchasing any of our clip in hair extensions:
  • 16" Clip In Hair Extensions = 155g
  • 20" Clip In Hair Extensions = 195g
  • 24" Clip In Hair Extensions = 215g
If you find our weights are not thick enough, Hey Stacey has something in the works that will fix this right up however if you need a bigger amount of thickness we recommend purchasing two sets of clip in's for some serious volume! But, no matter your hair type we have a set and solution for you :) 
  1. Are Clip In Hair Extensions More Ideal For Short Or Thick Hair? 
We're all about transparency here at Hey Stacey and we know there are a lot of companies who are preaching the effects of double drawn extensions but leave you with stringy ends full of gaps and thin ends but we have made sure every single set of our hair extensions are double drawn which means that there is a higher percentage of same length hair pieces in each set which is what gives hair extensions the thickness from root-to-tip. However, sometimes hair extensions can look stringy because the set of clip in hair extensions you purchased was too thin for your hair type. We empathise with the ladies with ultra thick hair wanting to use hair extensions because we know the struggles you face with sets not being thick enough to fill out your hair seamlessly. The only way to fix this is to wear more than one set of clip in hair extensions which ultimately costs more but can you put a price on seamless, natural looking thick hair when wearing hair extensions? We think not but we understand the investment behind hair extensions and that's why we wanted to offer as many payment alternative methods for those on a tight budget. We have Afterpay, Klarna and Laybuy to help you and your hair extension desires.
However, if you have short hair you will find that hair extensions are one of the easiest things to purchase and no real issues with - lucky you! Clip in hair extensions are the best because of the gram weight and weft piece amounts per packet we offer compared to our competitors. Short hair ladies may struggle the most with Halo's however depending on how blunt your hair is cut which may result in your needing to cut into your halo with your hairdresser's help to allow for a seamless look but with clip in hair extensions and the weft placement being much more flexible you'll find you won't need to snip away precious hair for a natural blend.
  1. Can I Colour Clip In Hair Extensions?
We straight off the bat offer you over 20 different colours ranging from solid shades, blends to balayage colours however we know that everyone's hair can be unique and not every colour we offer will be the absolute perfect match but no problem, we have a solution for you - dye them! Hey Stacey hair extensions are all made from 100% remy human hair which means you can therefore colour our hair extensions to be darker as well as style them with heat much like your natural hair. We never recommend bleaching our hair extensions because our hair extensions have already gone through a gentle chemical process during manufacturing to achieve their colour and will only result in damages to our hair extensions. Our clip in hair extensions as we mentioned come on a silicone base which means that when dying them a different colour, the 300mm trim won't change in colour so keep this in mind. We wouldn't suggest dying a bright blonde to become black, instead opt for a brown shade and dying it darker that way so the hair extensions still blend in your hair. Long story short - yes, you can colour our clip in hair extensions.  
With all of our dot points full of facts and answered questions, we hope this helps you have a better understanding of what clip in hair extensions are, how to use them and what not to do with them. However, if you're still unsure our team are never too far away to contact to answer any questions you may have because we can totally understand how intimidating and tough knowing what style of hair extensions are the best fit for you. Feel free to email us at info@heystacey.com or view our blog "The Ultimate Guide To Hair Extensions" to learn more about each individual style we offer.

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