Why Get Hair Extensions?

The question on every women's lips at some point in their life is why get hair extensions? There are so many answers to that simple question and they differ for each individual. You could be someone wanting to fill in the gaps. You could want length because your hair is too short or you just want extra volume. Hair extensions are one of the quickest and easiest solutions to you hair qualms. Not to mention the boost in your self confidence.
So, why hair extensions you ask? 
The luxury of having naturally thick and long hair is not everyone's fortune, for a great deal it's their misfortune in life. Wearing hair extensions, whether they be temporary or permanent is a great way to fill in the gaps and zero out all your worries when it comes to your hair insecurities. There are all kinds of hair extensions for all types of individuals, clip in and halo hair extensions for those who are on a time crunch or don't want to commit to a more permanent solution. Then you have those who want the convenience of hair extensions already installed in their hair with permanent styles such as invisible tape or micro beaded wefts. Whatever your poison, hair extensions are the quickest way to everyday glam and are bound to boost your self confidence and have you feeling amazing.
What are the most popular hair extensions you ask?
Personal preference plays an important role in this answer because it really does depend on the individuals needs. A great all rounded style of hair extension are halo extensions. This is because they are super easy and quick to apply in your hair. Not to mention the instant results you see when you put a halo in. Halo's came on the scene after clip in hair extensions which are still favoured just as much as halo's but the convenience of the design of a halo trumps clip in's, in our personal opinion.
For a popular permanent style, we recommend tape in extensions. We stock invisi-tape extensions which is an ultra thin style that blends seamlessly in your hair. The beauty of tape in extensions is that they cause zero to hardly any damage if applied and cared for the right way. It's extremely important you listen to your hairdressers advice when maintaining your tape in extensions once you leave the salon. This will ensure the integrity of your natural hair stays strong and that your hair extensions remain healthy with a long lifespan.  
Why are hair extensions so expensive?
You know when you go to the hairdresser and you're there for hours waiting for your hair to develop, then it's multiple trips to the basin, cut, blow dry... the whole shabang, then comes the end of your appointment and you're handed a hefty bill that sometimes has you questioning why it costs so much? The answer is simple, quality product and someone else's time costs money. Hair extensions are expensive because of the extensive process high quality extensions go through to ensure the consistency in a companies product is up to par. High quality hair extensions go through a process that has the compiling of the hair under a long and extensive review. Under this review the manufacturer will ensure there is a high percentage of the same length hairs throughout just one set. Taking the time to properly do this step will make your set of extensions thick from root to tip which instantly makes the set of extensions high quality. The hair is also properly rid of any bugs or lice with an intense cleanse that cleans the hair follicles. If the hair needs to be dyed, this is another procedure that requires time which equals in more money spent on making your set of extensions high quality. It all may sound simple enough but if corners are skipped it could result in being detrimental to the quality of hair extensions you're buying. Hair extensions are expensive because of the time and effort that goes into making each set with consistency that matches the brands promises you're buying from. 
Here at Hey Stacey, we are perfectionists at heart and we searched high and low for a manufacturer that is the same and refuses to make anything less than perfection. When you buy from Hey Stacey, you are purchasing hair that has uniquely been sourced solely for Hey Stacey customers and you will not be able to find the same quality anywhere. We are confident you'll love your hair that we offer you a full refund, no questions asked if you're dissatisfied with your purchase. We encourage you to put our hair to the test to see our high quality human hair extensions shine! To read more about how to test the quality of your hair extensions, read our blog here (sneak peek: we light hair on fire). 
Have we answered why hair extensions are worth the investment? Not only will it boost your self confidence, it can also assist you in growing your natural hair. Hair extensions will always be there when you need them and are guaranteed to lift your spirits. Beauty is only skin deep but there's no shame in wanting to feel beautiful on the outside too. Hey Stacey is here for you and all we want to do is empower you to feel unapologetically beautiful with the hair of your dreams. 

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