How To Put In A Halo

Halo hair extensions are the easiest and quickest style to use for instant length and added volume to your natural locks. The Halo hair extensions was first on the scene 26 years ago by a hairstylist named, Jose Esber in 1994. Since then, the halo has been modernised and altered to suit the times and needs of women and men across the globe. 
We love the convenience that comes with the halo. If you are on a time crunch and what something that doesn't require a technique to put in the hair, halo's are the hair extensions for you. Every halo comes with a flexible nylon wire that helps secure the wefts on your head so throughout the day the hair doesn't move and is comfortable to wear. Our halo hair extensions also come with Velcro clips that can be moved and re-positioned on the mesh material for optimal comfort and to suit all head shapes. 
Halo hair extensions aren't just for length, if you are looking for an adhesive free solution to assist you in having thicker hair, halos are the perfect fit. Our hair used on all of our extensions are 100% remy human hair and can be treated like your normal hair. Halo hair extensions are also great for the indecisive when it comes to hair length and allows you to have short hair one day and long locks the next. 
Watch below for our IGTV clip of how a halo can be installed in the hair, how to style, blend and the after result.
 Step One:
We like to start by styling all the hair first to make it easier for a seamless blend, but you could also style the bottom half of your hair and then leave the top section clean and style after the halo has been installed. 
Step Two:
Section hair by starting from the top and tracing the crown of your head to the back and secure the hair at the top of your head to make it easy to pull back down for blending. Once the wire is placed and feels comfortable on your head, unclip to then reclip the clips on the material to secure the halo even more to your head. If you feel it pulling, simply unclip them and try again. You don't want to feel any tugging on your natural hair because this will add strain and cause breakage.
Step Three:
In this video, we curl the halo after we put it on to assure the curls will blend nicely with the natural hair for a more seamless look. Once all curled, let down the sectioned hair and because brushing the hair. Be careful when doing this step to not snag any of your natural hair. You will know the sound if you've snapped your hair... to prevent this you can easily unclip the clip, brush the hair out and then reclip - the halo shouldn't move if properly installed. Keep brushing your hair until the halo blends seamlessly and it's not noticeable. If you can see the band of hair, you have not sectioned enough of your top hair to cover the material. 
Step Four:
Restyle any pieces of hair that have kinked from being sectioned or if you see any bits that need better blending, restyle those pieces of hair. Remember to always use heat protectant spray when using heated tools!
And just like that, your halo is in and ready to see the light of day... or night! In the video above, we cut and coloured the extensions to blend in the hair for a more voluminous look with only a few inches of added length. All of our hair extensions can be coloured and cut however we don't recommend bleaching the hair. The can be bleached but the life expectancy can lower significantly. Be sure to brush your hair throughout the day to prevent and knots and tangles!
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