How To Use Ponytail Hair Extensions

With the near launch of our newest product, Ponytail hair extensions we thought it be handy to tell you all about the do's and don'ts when it comes to using, caring and styling your ponytail hair extensions to ensure optimal results every time! The pure magic of wearing ponytail extensions is the instant difference you can see beneath your fingertips. Ponytail extensions are great for adding volume and length to your hair, the good this is you could have long hair and still use the ponytail extensions to add drama with volume to your hair. Continue reading below for a list of tips and tricks plus step-by-step.

Step One: Put Your Hair Into A Ponytail
To begin putting in your ponytail extensions, put your natural hair in your desired style of pony whether it be low or high. In this case we opted for a high pony. Make sure you use an elastic that isn't too thick or thin and that your own hair is secure and won't drop from the weight of the added hair.
Step Two: Comb/Brush Your Ponytail Extension
Gently brush or comb through your ponytail extension to ensure it is knot and tangle free before putting in with your natural hair.
Step Three: Applying Your Ponytail Extension
Here comes the part that requires your full attention, gently slide the clip into the top of your own ponytail and be sure the clip sits under your elastic so it stays secure in your hair. Once secure, gently wrap the two ends around like a circle and have the velcro connect, for extra security we recommend wrapping it tightly around your elastic with the least amount of moving room between the velcro. After you've wrapped it around, neatly wrap the extra piece of hair to hide the velcro application. Secure the loose strand with bobbypin/s.

Step Four: Just Whip It
Once you're secured and happy with your ponytail placement, you're ready to take cue to Willow Smith's classic smash and whip your hair back and forth (carefully... don't want to destroy the beautiful masterpiece you just created). Now is the time to perfect any styling such as curls or sleeking back any fly aways with your hair straightener and hairspray. 
Now you how to apply your ponytail extension but taking care of it is another thing and knowing what you can, can't, should and shouldn't do with your extensions.

Can I Wash My Ponytail Extension Like My Other Hair Extensions?
You sure can! The same golden rules apply when washing your ponytail extensions. That golden rule being to wash your hair extensions the least amount of times possible to keep the lifespan of your hair in the extensions on track. We recommend using products that are alcohol and sulphate free to ensure the hair receives the most amount of moisture possible considering it is not receiving its natural nutrients from your scalp. For a full blog on how to wash your hair extensions, click here to read all about it.
Can I Cut And Style My Ponytail Extension Like My Own Hair?
Absolutely can! All of our hair extensions are made from 100% remy human hair which means you can treat all of our extensions the same as your natural hair. As mentioned above, it's important to know that the hair on your hair extensions is indeed human but it's not longer receiving the natural proteins and nutrients from your scalp that has your own hair staying healthy. Cutting your extensions to suit your own personal style and needs is more than okay and will only amplify the look you desire when wearing your ponytail extension.
Can/Will My Ponytail Fall Off?
If you have applied it correctly in the hair, your ponytail extension will not budge. The velcro strap makes for a super secure finish as well as securing the loose hair with a bobby pin adds extra security. If you're ever worried about your ponytail coming out after applying it, you can just as easily secure it with more bobby pins or use accessory clips to hide the extra security purpose and make it look cute instead!
 Will My Ponytail Cause Any Pain When I'm Wearing It?
Having your hair up too long or too tightly will naturally cause pain because you are pulling on your scalp. You know that feeling when you get home after a long day and you pull down your hair and have the instant urge to massage your head to relive it from the discomfort? The same feeling will happen when you take out your ponytail extension. This happens because of an added weight on your scalp that causes straining on your cuticles. However, the ponytail extension won't cause any damage or severe discomfort.
We love seeing our customers in our products and can't wait to see you flaunt your confidence in your new ponytail extensions. Remember to tag us using the hashtag #heystacey for a chance to be featured on our social media platforms.

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