The First-Time Buyers Guide To Purchasing Hair Extensions Online

Buying hair extensions online can be quite overwhelming if it's your first time doing so. You don't know where to start, how to know what's good quality or the key words to look out for - also knowing exactly what style of hair extensions is best for you is a daunting question in itself. We've written this article to simplify the purchasing process of hair extensions with the most basic information so it doesn't overwhelm your learning. 

Know The Hair Extension Types

As you start looking into hair extensions, you will quickly learn that there are so many types of hair extensions that give you different results with their own application methods. 

  • Tape hair extensions are hands down one of the most popular and well known type of hair extensions. Tape hair extensions come with an adhesive strip that is safe for your hair that is attached to each weft piece and this is how it is applied in your hair. Your hair extensions specialist will sandwich two weft strips of hair between your own hair. The tape hair extensions will lay flat against your head and will cause no discomfort if applied correctly. Tape hair extensions are suitable for hair types and are a permanent style of hair extensions, which in other words means you don't put them in everyday and take them out the same day.
  • Flat Tip hair extensions is a style of hair extensions that is attached to your hair using a keratin bond. Keratin is the same protein your natural hair creates and that is what makes it safe to use in your hair. Flat tip hair extensions are very small and create a 360 movement in the hair which makes it mimic the movement of your natural hair. Flat tips are suitable for all hair types, however the thicker the hair the longer you are in the chair to match your natural hair thickness.
  • Weft hair extensions are another permanent style of hair extensions that are long skirts of hair that are either beaded into place or sewn into your hair in a braid. Because weft extensions are applied in larger sections of your hair at once, that means weft extensions are probably more suited to medium to thick hair as they require a little more strength to hold the weight than other styles of hair extensions. That's not to say thin hair can't wear weft extensions, it just might mean you're at a higher risk of damaging your hair if not following care instructions properly.
  • Clip In hair extensions are right up there in popularity with tape hair extensions. Clip In hair extensions are the most flexible type of hair extensions because you can apply them and then remove them at home or whenever you want to - you can wear them everyday still or wear them for events only, it's entirely up to you. Clip in hair extensions are applied into your hair using clips that are sewn onto the weft pieces. Clip in hair extensions are a temporary style of hair extensions which means they can be applied and removed on the same day. Clip in hair extensions cause zero damage to your hair
  • Halo hair extensions are an easy one-step method that will achieve longer and thicker hair within minutes. Halo hair extensions are applied using a single wire that is draped around the crown of your head, the comfortable nylon wire is sewn into a large weft. Halo hair extensions are a temporary style of hair extensions are the quickest type of hair extensions to apply. 
  • Ponytail hair extensions are applied into the hair with a clip that you easily wrap around your tied hair, and will cause zero damage to your natural hair. Ponytail hair extensions are a temporary type of hair extensions as well, perfect for everyday wear or events. 

Know The Right Type Of Hair

So you know a handful of the types available (yep, there is more types but we best keep it to the basics before overloading you with every single option under the sun), now it's time to know the type of hair available in hair extensions.

  • Remy hair extensions are made from real human hair and is a process that ensures the cuticles are all aligned and point in the same direction so it mimics natural hair - this is what allows remy hair extensions to be smooth and soft with no tangling or matting. Remy hair extensions can be virgin hair however, not all virgin hair is remy hair!
  • Synthetic hair extensions are an option that are much lower in price however you could end up spending equal amounts of money, sometimes more than if you would purchase remy hair extensions. Synthetic hair can sometimes be natural looking, however you are very limited to styling options and the lifespan isn't as good.

Know The Right Colour For You

Knowing how to match your hair colour to hair extensions can be tricky at times but it's actually super easy to do from your own home. If you want to add highlights to your without damaging your natural hair, you can choose a slighter lighter colour or if you want to choose hair extensions to make your hair colour as it is now, use the ends of your hair as the reference - never ever the roots and this is because the hair extensions won't be seen at the roots, it's the ends you'll see the hair extensions and this is where you want seamless blending. Matching your roots will only cause colour mismatch, this isn't something you want. We are always readily available to help with colour matches, send us a DM or contact us on our contact page :)

Know Who To Buy From

So you know the tools of how to choose hair extensions tailored to your needs, now it's knowing where to buy your hair extensions from. Amongst your search you will be just as overwhelmed with hair extension businesses as you are with hair extensions types. The best way to learn which company is fit for you is to look at reviews. Reviews on websites such as Trustpilot are a great tool for consumers because it is a platform customers can use that business owners cannot delete or edit reviews, they are all genuine from real customers who have shopped and had real experiences. We at Hey Stacey pride ourselves on great customer service with products to match the greatness! Reputable businesses are companies that are open, transparent, approachable and reliable. These are all traits Hey Stacey is prided upon and work everyday tirelessly to leave this impression.

When you're shopping for hair extensions, pay attention to the cost of hair extensions to each business you look at. Everyone wants a bargain however good quality items will cost a pretty penny. If you find prices are really cheap, you could be shopping with a company that has lower quality hair - this is where reviews will help you determine if they are worth the investment or not, look at the negative reviews to see if you see any common mentions of the quality or service. Because when it comes to hair extensions, what you pay for is definitely what you're going to get (hopefully, except for the cases where you are overcharged - yeek!).

Hair extensions are a super fun and easy way to alter your whole appearance and give you a world of confidence. Now that you know the basics when it comes to hair extensions, hopefully you can go forth in your research with confidence and have a better understanding of the world of hair extensions.

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