What Are The Best Hair Care Products For Hair Extensions?

Add hair extensions onto your list of things that you need to maintain with the right care and attention to ensure they last you months and even years to come. Knowing how to care for your extensions and the right products to use will have them looking as new as the day you first opened them. When you buy Hair extensions you are making an investment. You wouldn't damage a designer item after all the hard work and saving you had to go through to earn your item therefore care for your hair extensions as you would any item you've worked hard to pay for. That being said, looking after your hair extensions with good products doesn't necessarily mean you need to also splurge on products to ensure the health and look of your extensions remain luxurious. We have compiled a list of products we have used with our extensions and stand by when caring for our precious set. Read on to see our top picks and where to find them.

1. The Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Hair Extensions

It's not only the delicious smell of Nutricare by Fanola that attracts us to these products, it's also the ingredients and benefits that come in the simple white bottles.
Nutricare shampoo is made for dry, frizzy and treated/colour hair. It's enriched with milk, casein and whey proteins that has the formula deeply hydrating and nourishing your hair. Using this product will have not only your natural hair but hair extensions also, feeling silky, soft and easy to comb + style. If you didn't know, milk proteins are rich in amino acids and proteins that are essential for healthy hair, this is what allows it to feel and appear soft and smooth. Whey proteins are used to provide proper nourishment by ensuring your hair is moisturised and hydrated after every use. 
Nutricare's conditioner that is made to be paired with the shampoo has the same purpose of being used to tend to dry and frizzy hair. However, the conditioner has linseed oil which is abundant in omega-3 fatty acids and will promote healthy hair growth but also coat the hair in rich, feel good foods that will leave your hair extensions and natural hair feeling soft and strong!

The shampoo and conditioner both retail for the affordable price of $22.90.

2. Best Toning Shampoo And Conditioner For Hair Extensions

Toning from home is incredibly simple and can be done with the use of violet or blue shampoo, all depending on the tone you're after. For a more ashy tone, violet shampoo's are the products you'll need where for platinum blondes that seek that ultra white, bright blonde the blue shampoo's are perfect. Our favourite toning shampoo and conditioner combination are the Fanola No Yellow shampoo and incredible foam. 
Fanola No Yellow is world renowned and known for being the best purple shampoo on the market and we are not one to disagree. Fanola No Yellow shampoo is consistent in its approach to provide you with an instant change in tone all whilst keeping the hair hydrated and full of life. The no yellow formula is extremely pigmented and doesn't require a lengthy application to have your hair and hair extensions become the tone you wish for. Read our blog post to learn how to tone your Hey Stacey hair extensions and how we like to use the Fanola No Yellow shampoo.
The incredible foam is called incredible for a reason and that is because... it's incredible. Considering the shampoo is extremely pigmented on its own, the subtlety of the foam allows the conditioning process to allow the hair to rejuvenate all whilst still getting the chance for its tone to transform. 

Fanola No Yellow Shampoo retails at $27.90 and the incredible foam retails for $39.90.

3. Best Thermal Spray For Hair Extensions

It is the golden rule when applying any heated tool to your hair and hair extensions to use a heat protect spray to shield the hair from the damages heat can cause. Not protecting your hair from heat can leave your strands feeling dry and brittle as well as being prone to damages such as breakage. Finding the best thermal spray can be difficult because you want to use something you know works and won't leave a noticeable residue on the hair, anything that begins to build up on your hair extensions will equal in quickening the times between washes which is something you don't want. 
We are big fans of the Thermo Shield made by Fanola because it does the job in protecting the hair and does build up on the hair, it is light and airy but potent enough to protect hair from heat. Although the retail price is high, we find the splurge in this product worth it because of the added benefits mentioned above of it being light weight but potent in it's formula.

Fanola's Thermo Shield retails for $39.50.

4. Best Leave In Product For Hair Extensions

Yes, we preach about not using too many products that have the potential to build up on your hair extensions but the importance of ensuring you are keeping your hair hydrated and moisturised is key. A perfect tool and product in ensuring your hair and hair extensions remain hydrated is to use a leave in conditioner. The benefits of using a leave in conditioner outweigh the cons... if there even are any! Using a leave in conditioner will assist in any tangles that happen throughout the day, hydrated the hair and leave it feeling and looking soft when worn. 
The best time to use a leave in conditioner is after every time you wash your hair extensions and weekly after to ensure your extensions are getting the proper nutrients needed to keep the hair healthy and looking soft, luscious and smooth.
Our favourite leave in conditioner is again by Fanola and is the Nutricare, Nutri-One 10 actions restructuring spray. This product is enriched with argan oil, linseed oil and milk proteins. This particular product is just like the shampoo and conditioner in the range and is made for dry, frizzy and treated hair. The 10 actions promised by this product is that it restructures instantly, hydrates effectively, makes your hair soft and silky, deeply nourishing, eliminates all frizz + prevent split ends, speeds up blow-drying times and facilitates smoothing action, adds volume and tone, protects from heat/humidity and UV rays, enhances and protects cosmetic colours and last but not least, leaves hair feeling luxurious! What more could you want in a product?

The Nutricare Nutri-One Spray retails for $34.90.
We hope this helps you in choosing which products to use when taking care of your Hey Stacey hair extensions. There are loads of great brands out there but giving Fanola's reputable reputation in the hair industry and long list of loyal followers and customers, it's a no brainer when using their products with Hey Stacey hair extensions.

5. The Best Hair Mask For Your Hair Extensions

Conditioner is important, yes but using a mask regularly when washing your extensions will give the hair an extra boost of hydration. This reconstructive mask by Kristin Ess works wonders and smells like a feminine dream. Enriched with all the right proteins and goodness your hair needs to be deeply nourished and stay healthy looking. The instructions let you know that you can use this in replace of a conditioner or you can leave it in for up to an hour for a deep and intense treatment for your hair. We recommend using this after you shampoo your hair and leave it in for the full hour before washing.

The Kristin Ess reconstructive mask retails for $23.99 and is available exclusively at Priceline in Australia and Target for the US. 

6. The Best Blonde Dry Shampoo For Hair Extensions

The pain we all feel knowing we have to wash our hair and the telltale signs being oily hair is real. Finding the best dry shampoo can be as difficult as the quest to finding good jeans. Our Founder, Sharna swears by this product by Design.Me and with her blonde hair, the residue of normal dry shampoo isn't noticeable when using this brand. Now we know what you're thinking... I have brown hair and I can't use this, well good news is they have the same formula made for darker haired beauties too and it works just as well! Super easy to use, the smell isn't too overpowering and gets the job done without having to over spray it like other brands. 
The Design.Me "Quickie Me" dry shampoo retails for $22.00.

7. The Best Vitamins For Your Hair

Last but certainly not least are vitamins you take for your hair. Another product sworn by our Founder are the hair and energy vitamins made by JS Health. Now, these aren't directed at hair extensions and more so for your own hair but the importance of having a healthy base for both temporary and permanent extensions is vital. Taking a hair vitamin assists your hair in healthy growth and evens grows your hair back in spots you didn't know were missing on your head. JS Health is made from all natural ingredients and is made to restore hair strength and volume. Zinc is used in the formula which helps to maintain normal healthy hair, skin and nails. WIN!

The JS Health Hair & Energy vitamins retail for $44.99.
We would love to know what you like to use when caring for your hair extensions, tell us below your faves!


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