What Are Weft Hair Extensions?

A head of thick, beautiful hair is a dream for many women but it's also a dream that isn't a reality naturally and requires help to achieve these dreams. Good news, a head of thick beautiful hair isn't an impossible goal with hair extensions. Hair extensions have quickly become the beauty secret for so many women worldwide. Although the options available in hair extensions may feel overwhelming at times, we've written a blog for beginners to help you learn the differences between hair extension types - today's blog is about a more advanced style of hair extension, weft hair extensions, but first lets see if this style of hair extensions is a good match for you...

What Are Weft Hair Extensions?

We offer a unique double-hand tied weft hair extensions that is thinner than traditional machine tied wefts but thicker than any traditional hand tied weft which makes it much stronger. Hand tied wefts come on a long piece of thread that makes it easy to apply and won't cause any bunching or folding in the hair when applied. This will create a seamless look that will achieve instant length and added volume. We do not recommend cutting our Hand Tied Weft extensions otherwise you run the risk of fraying and hair shedding. 
What Are PU Skin Weft Extensions?
PU Skin wefts are the latest invention in the hair extensions industry. This style of weft offers more variety in how they can be applied. The weft comes as one long piece that you can cut wherever with the certainty of it never unravelling due to the PU stopper on the weft. The PU Skin weft sits comfortably on the head and blends seamlessly amongst your natural hair.
How Do You Apply Weft Extensions?
Hand-tied and PU Skin wefts are customisable when it comes to application. They can be sewn into a beaded track or sewn into a braid like a weave. Both application methods don't require and heat or adhesive and is safe for all hair types.

Why Weft Hair Extensions?

There are numerous reasons as to why weft hair extensions are more elite to other styles of hair extensions, however that doesn't necessarily mean they are great for everyone. Here are some dot points as to why weft hair extensions are a great option to consider:

You can choose your thickness more precisely. The beauty of weft hair extensions is that they can be customised and tailored to your thickness desires and needs - as well as creating a look that's right for you. During weft hair extension installations, your hair dresser will be there to help you choose and then cut your weft hair extensions to correctly match the texture of your natural hair and to achieve your desired thickness.

Minimal damage. It's no secret a modern day myth about hair extensions is that they will cause your natural hair damage and experience hair loss. Although this may be true in some cases, it's only accurate if the application and removal isn't done correctly and with TLC. Weft hair extensions uses a technique that sews the hair extensions into your natural hair using either microbeads or a braid - this means there's no use for chemicals, adhesives or heat to apply them to your hair. If you have thin hair, weft hair extensions that are applied using beads could potentially be damaging to your natural hair however this can be avoided if correct application techniques have been used, you take good of your hair from home and visit to have your hair resewn quicker than average hair. A sewn in technique is the most ideal technique when applying weft hair extensions because it won't damage your natural hair.

You can experiment with colours and different styles. If you have always wanted the trending balayage technique or just want to add more highlights to your hair, hair extensions are a great way to achieve this without actually chemically treating your for it to go lighter. Not to mention it doesn't require long term commitment like bleaching your hair does. Weft hair extensions in particular are a great way to give your hair more colour as well as playing around with length and volume. 

You'll end up with natural looking results. Weft hair extensions will sit close to your scalp and when installed correctly, they will look entirely natural - as if it were your real hair. Weft hair extensions make all styles possible to achieve as well, so if you have an occasion where you want to wear an up-style, you definitely could and nobody would even know you had hair extensions in - it's a win, win!

Caring For Your Weft Hair Extensions

So you've decided to install weft hair extensions, here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when caring for your weft hair extensions from home...

Detangle your hair and hair extensions with care. Keeping your hair free from tangles is such an important step in maintaining the longevity of your hair extensions and the overall health of your natural hair. Simple ways to go that extra mile when detangling your hair is before hoping into the shower to wash your hair is to brush and free any knots or tangles in your hair. A loop brush is the perfect brush to do this but if you don't have a looped brush, any brush will do - just remember to be gentle. Whenever brushing your hair, make sure you always start at the ends and work your way up. When brushing, be mindful to not place your place near the wefts so it doesn't get caught and pull on your hair and ensure you're not using too much pressure that will cause tension on your hair extensions because this could release the hair extensions causing an uneven look.
Always use a sulphate-free shampoo! You shouldn't use just any sort of shampoo when washing your hair when wearing hair extensions. It's really important you learn to look at the ingredients in the haircare products you use. Hair extensions will require certain types of shampoos and conditioners to ensure they stay hydrated and silky smooth, using sulphate products strips the hair of any moisture and will begin to dry out your hair extensions. When you're washing your hair with weft hair extensions, be gentle and massage your scalp in a circular motion but make sure you say away from the area where your hair extensions are attached to your head, it's very important to not be vagarious as you could risk tangling hair around your scalp which will lead to matting and hair damage. 
Be mindful when using conditioner. When you're conditioning your hair, only ever apply it to the ends of your hair and never to the roots where the weft hair extensions are attached. If you do, you could risk causing them to prematurely slip and fall out. 
Make sure your hair is completely dry.  You're going to have to learn to love drying your hair if you're going to wear permanent hair extensions. You're going to have a lot more hair than usual when wearing hair extensions so that means your hair will take longer to dry than usual. Make sure when you're drying your hair that your whole head is completely dry before stopping or your weft hair extensions could slip and fall out. And most importantly, do not forget to use heat protection when blow drying your hair!
Don't straight away jump on heated styling tools. The first few days after having your weft hair extensions installed, it's best if you avoid using heat styling to begin with during the first 48 hours or so. The reason behind this is that you could risk pulling on the hair too soon after installation which means they could fall out quicker or look uneven. If you can style your hair with no pulling, go for gold otherwise lay off for a couple of days.
Silk products are going to be your best friend. Go to sleep on a silk pillowcase and only use silk scrunchies and scarves when asleep because it will protect your hair and hair extensions from frizz and any damage. Sleeping on silk has a world of benefits for not only your hair but for your skin as well. Sleeping on cotton causes friction and that leads to hair damage. 

Just like any style of hair extensions, weft hair extensions can be an investment but it will be the best investment you'll make towards your hair and your overall look - especially if they're applied by a professional that knows what they're doing, always always do your research when looking at getting hair extensions installed in your hair.

If you're still unsure if weft hair extensions are the correct choice for you and your hair type, we recommend researching your local weft hair extensions specialist and booking in a consultation. Doing this will ensure your natural hair remains healthy because you will look at your lifestyle & preferences to ensure weft hair extensions will fit into your day-to-day routine safely. It's always best to seek a professionals opinion before dabbling into the world of permanent hair extensions.

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