5 Hair Extension Myths - DEBUNKED!

Today's blog is going to be about hair extension myths you may hear from those who think they know and us debunking them and hitting you with the cold hard facts. Whether you're new to hair extensions or an experienced hair extensions lover, knowing the misconception you hear about hair extensions and knowing whether they are facts or cap is vital - so keeping reading to learn more.

Hair Extensions Myth #1:

Hair extensions will cause your hair to become severely damaged, thin and broken... 


This is a common misconception you'll about hair extensions, that they will leave you with damaged, broken hair that has become thin and fragile. Don't get us wrong, permanent hair extensions can definitely do these things due to incorrect application or mistreatment at home because these styles use adhesives and can cause strain on your cuticles which is what causes your hair to thin out from stress however, hair extensions that are temporary such as clip in hair extensions or halo hair extensions, are the safest options in the hair extension industry because they require no adhesive or heat to be applied - not to mention you can take them out everyday, allowing your hair to breathe. Hair extensions can definitely be worn everyday but we also believe they should really only be worn on the days when you plan to have your hair out and want to enhance your length and add thickness to your hair. However, if you apply them, remove them and care for your hair extensions properly they will cause zero damage to your hair.

We briefly touched base on permanent styles of hair extensions and how they can damage your hair but let's further delve into permanent hair extensions for a minute... Out of all the permanent hair extension methods, we believe that tape hair extensions and weft hair extensions to be the safest options. However, because permanent hair extensions like we mentioned are applied using tape or a beaded track, there is a small risk of damage occurring to your roots of your hair because of the consistent pull and discomfort on the hair follicles. However, if applied correctly by someone that specialises in those styles, you hair should remain damage free.

If you are someone that already has very fine, thin hair or even alopecia, we don't recommend permanent hair extensions or even temporary as they can cause you more harm than good - it's always a good idea to consult with your healthcare professional first before proceeding with your hair extensions purchase so you can pick the perfect hair extensions for yourself.

Hair Extensions Myth #2:


Hair extensions will cause headaches and weigh down your hair... 




To extent, this myth is false but there are some truths. The truth being that you're adding weight onto your hair because hair extensions is just that... extra weight and they can sometimes feel heavier than normal. If you're new and just learning to apply hair extensions such as clip in's, you can definitely feel discomfort when wearing them which could lead to headaches. You can get headaches because they're pulling on your hair and it's causing a strain (just like when you have your hair up in a high ponytail or bun, this can cause you headaches because of the stress put on your hair follicles). However, after a few wears and learning to knack of application, you will quickly find hair extensions will cause you no discomfort with zero headaches - well ones caused by hair extensions anyway. You could always purchase clip in extensions and start with only a few wefts and then adding as you go. If clip in's seem too intimidating or like too much work, you could try Halo hair extensions as these come as one large weft sewn onto a thin wire that sits on your crown of your head. The nylon wire will lay flat on your head and be comfortable if applied correctly - not to mention halos will cause ZERO damage to your hair.



Hair Extensions Myth #3:

Hair extensions will only tangle and are high maintenance...


Hair extensions are a salon service without actually needing to go into a salon. If you take really good care of your hair extensions and follow our advice on how to care for them you will find your hair extensions will mimic how your natural hair behaviours - granted you show your natural hair TLC as well. Hair extensions aren't receiving the same nutrients and source of hydration your natural hair does because hair extensions aren't attached to your scalp so they won't get oily which means in turn you won't need to wash them as often. What that means is the hydration that's penetrated deep into your hair extensions during the manufacturing process won't be stripped away because you aren't washing your hair extensions - of course this doesn't apply if you have permanent hair extensions, these sorts require you to pump hydration back into your hair extensions each time you wash your hair. 

Put it this way, the more you wash your hair extensions the more of the barrier you're breaking down that keeps them silky, soft and smooth. If you are not putting hydration back into your hair extensions after washing them, don't be surprised to see they turn dry, brittle and down right pain in the toosh to keep from tangling etc. Hydration is key - just like your natural hair. Learn how to wash your hair extensions in our blog with a few tips and tricks as well.

Hair extensions only become high maintenance when you stop following the correct way to care for them otherwise they are like pet rocks so to speak... they don't require anything other than TLC and the occasional wash. Please don't forget to brush your hair extensions!! 


Hair Extensions Myth #4:

Hair extensions are only for special occasions and events...


This myth is one we well and truly believe to be false. Hair extensions can be for absolutely anything - everyday wear or event wear. We're talking your run to the grocery, to the office, to the wedding you have on the weekend. Hair extensions are a great way to elevate your look and boost your confidence no matter the occasion. Hair extensions can be pre-styled the night before to be ready for the next day if you're on a time crunch, if you're hair is dirty and you want to add a little something, our Ponytails are the perfect tool to elevate even your dirtiest of hair days and make them chic - whether it's a slick pony, wavy or even bun, ponytails will bring you glamour.


Hair Extensions Myth #5:

You can't style hair extensions, you can only wear them one way...


There are so many ways you can style your hair extensions over and over again and change it up each time you wear them or wake up of a morning. Whether you want to rock Ariana's signature ponytail to mermaid waves that has everyone asking how you did them... the opportunities are endless. Not to mention you can curl, straighten, tease, pin etc when using Hey Stacey hair extensions and you will find them bounce right back to normal for the next wear because we use 100% remy human hair - so essentially however you style your natural hair is how you can style our hair extensions.

With all that being said, don't always believe what you hear because sometimes you're hearing nothing but myths and mistakes made by others. Do your research and learn about what style of hair extensions is best for you - they could change your life!


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