Answering All Of Your Hair Extensions Questions

There is a lot to know about hair extensions and we totally understand how overwhelming the hair extensions industry can be so we've answered all of your hair extensions questions in the one blog.

Continue reading below to see the answers to all of your can, are, how and why questions you've ever typed into Google search.

Let's start with the questions that start with "Can hair extensions..."

  • Can Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

Yes. We are here to be totally transparent with you, hair extensions can absolutely damage your hair and there are many different factors as to how hair extensions can damage your hair. Damage can come from incorrect application, misuse, mistreatment and blatant lack of care. Whether your favourite hair extensions are permanent like tape or wefts if they are not installed correctly, this can cause some serious damage to your hair that can take years to repair. It is really important that when you're looking into getting permanent hair extensions that you do extensive research and look into things like salon reviews, salon experience and then the hairstylists within the salon that you're looking at installing hair extensions within. But it's not just permanent extensions, temporary extensions such as clip in extensions and halo extensions can cause damage when they are not worn correctly or treated well whilst being worn. Clip In extensions and our halo's (because they also come with clips) can cause strain on your cuticle if you have the clips too close to your root or when brushing your hair and you're pulling too hard - think anything that is adding unnecessary strain on your scalp and hair follicle will cause your hair more harm than good.

  • Can Hair Extensions Cause Hair Loss Or Ruin Your Hair?

This answer goes hand-in-hand with the above and yes, hair extensions can cause hair loss and ruin your hair. Hair loss can be caused by the same factors we mentioned above about mistreatment, misuse, incorrect application and neglect to your hair when wearing hair extensions. The good news is that hair loss and ruined hair can be avoided if you follow all advice and instructions given by certified hair extensions specialists and you take the time to do your own research about learning what products are good for you and your hair. We have written a few blogs that provide you with information about products you should be using, how to create the perfect haircare routine and more below:

1. What Hair Oil's Should I Be Using?

2. How To: Create The Perfect Hair Care Routine

3. Is Silicone Bad For Your Hair Extensions?

4. How To Care For Your Hair Extensions

  • Can Hair Extensions Be Dyed? 

They sure can! Hey Stacey hair extensions are made with 100% HUMAN (remy) hair which means whatever you do to your natural hair, you can do to hair extensions purchased from Hey Stacey - with a few exceptions of course. One exception is bleaching our hair extensions to lift colour and make them lighter, this is not something we encourage as our hair extensions have already gone through a chemical process to lift the natural hair to achieve its colour. However, you can absolutely dye hair extensions to make them darker or another colour to better match your own hair, the same goes with using toners. Just remember that hair extensions require a lot of maintenance in the hydration department - hair extensions aren't receiving the same nutrients and hydration your natural hair is getting from your scalp so it's important to be using products that are designed to enrich hair full of nutrients and ingredients that will add moisture and hydrate the hair so whenever you're altering colour it's important to go the extra mile and add moisture back into your hair extensions after dying them to further prolong its lifespan.

  • Can Hair Extensions Cause Alopecia?

No, hair extensions cannot cause alopecia as this is an attack on the immune system which causes hair loss - most commonly caused from stress. Alopecia's main symptom is hair loss and hair extensions can increase hair loss if they are not worn correctly or misused however hair extensions alone cannot cause alopecia.

  • Can Hair Extensions Cause Headaches?

Unfortunately, yes. Hair extensions can cause headaches when they are applied too close to the scalp and are causing strain and stress on the sensitive follicles. Think of when your hair is up in a high ponytail and the headache that can occur from when you having a high ponytail, it's the same reasoning for hair extensions. Because your hair has a constant amount of strain for a prolonged period of time and your scalp is very sensitive, headaches can easily occur from hair extensions. To prevent headaches, don't apply your hair extensions too close to the root and don't wear hairstyles that pull on the hair for too long, for too many days in a row - switch from a high ponytail to a low ponytail vice versa.

  • Can Hair Extensions Get Wet?

Of course! It is perfectly safe to get your hair extensions wet whether that be from washing them in the shower or environmental circumstances. The only time you shouldn't get your hair extensions wet is 72 hours after installing tape hair extensions and this is because if water gets into the adhesive too soon, the tape extensions will lose tackiness and slip out from your hair.

  • Can Hair Extensions Be Permed?

This is a hard, no! Perming your hair extensions would be extremely detrimental to its health because perming involves intense chemical processing that hair extensions won't withstand going through. As we mentioned before, hair extensions are cut from a natural source of nutrients and hydration so if they are not receiving constant and consistent amounts of hydration through products such as oils and serums, your hair extensions will become dry and brittle which will lead to the hair snapping off and seriously damaged. Just like lifting hair extensions to be lighter in colour, perming will cause your hair extensions to dry out at a rapid rate and most commonly be lost beyond repair.

Let's answer your "Are Hair Extensions"... questions next...

  • Are Hair Extensions Vegan?

We can only speak for ourselves here and we cannot confirm or deny if hair extensions are vegan because of the process hair extensions go through to be made. Hey Stacey hair extensions go through an extensive process to achieve its quality, colour and texture which means our hair inevitably will go through chemical processing to achieve these factors. The ingredients used in these processes could contain materials and formulas that are not vegan friendly.

  • Are Hair Extensions Good For Thinning Hair?

Hair extensions are great for a lot of things and thinning is definitely one of them. Hair extensions are a product designed to give you longer and thicker hair in a matter of minutes or a few hours on the salon. However, if you use hair extensions incorrectly and don't follow care instructions properly, you could make your hair thinning situation much, much worse.

  • Are Hair Extensions Ethical?

We are proud to say that ALL of our hair extensions are ethically sourced. This means that when sourcing our hair extensions we ensure our single donors are generously compensated and taken care of as a thank you for their generous donation. We do not condone theft of people's hair nor we do we condone pressure in donations because as a business we understand just how personal our hair can be and to some it can feel like losing a limb when they experience hair loss.

  • Are Hair Extensions Real Hair?

Hey Stacey hair extensions are 100% human hair. We pride ourselves on quality and the fact that we are not a company that mixes our hair extensions with synthetic hair or fibres to have our hair extensions thicker to touch or see. This is why when a product sells out for Hey Stacey it can take months to become available to purchase again due to how our hair is sourced via single donors with the addition of demand for hair in the hair extensions industry. You cannot rush perfection.

  • Are Hair Extensions Worth It?

In our non-bias opinion, absolutely hair extensions are worth it! Hair extensions are a product made to elevate your natural hair and give your self-confidence a major boost! As a female driven business, we know first hand the importance of needing to feel beautiful in our own skin to be confident and we truly believe hair extensions is a great way to achieve that confidence. 

  • Are Hair Extensions Bad For Your Hair?

If you are following the care instructions provided with our hair extensions, then no hair extensions aren't bad for your hair. We supply hair extensions that provide no damage to your hair if you're taking the right precautions allocated to each style of hair extensions because each style of hair extensions comes with its own set of instructions to follow.

Let's answer your "How Hair Extensions" questions next...

  • How Do Hair Extensions Work?

The hair extension industry is full of so many different kinds of hair extensions that will be applied different as well as give you a different result in appearance. Therefore depending on which of hair extension you choose, in this case let's talk about Clip In hair extensions, they are applied in your hair by you guessed it... clips. The clips are securely sewn into the hair weft to make it easier for application and all you need to do is section your hair and clip the hair extensions into your natural hair. If you would like to know more about how the different styles of hair extensions work, read our blog The Ultimate Guide To Hair Extensions to learn everything and anything there is to know about hair extensions.

  • How Are Hair Extensions Made?

Again, depending on the style of hair extensions you're using depends on how they are made. A Hand Tied Weft is going to be made completely different to how Clip In hair extensions are made. For example, HTW are sewn on a sturdy piece of thread that allows for optimal folding/stacking opportunities in the hair and are then sewn into a beaded track across the head whereas clip in hair extensions are made with a seal bond that keeps the hair from falling out with a clip sewn into the bond trim which is what attaches to your hair when worn. Hey Stacey hair extensions go through a cleaning process once received from our single donors and once cleaned they go through a chemical treatment process to alter the hairs colour to finally be sealed in a gentle and efficient seal to keep the moisture locked into the hair strand which is how our hair extensions feel really soft and healthy. It's important to understand that high quality hair extensions all go through a process that protects the hair from environmental circumstances to prevent damage or a shorter life expectancy in your hair extensions. Hey Stacey does not use any ingredients or chemicals that can cause any harm to you or the hair extensions. 

  • How Are Hair Extensions Put In?

Here at Hey Stacey we sell seven different styles of hair extensions that are all applied differently and they are;

- Clip In hair extensions: Clip In's are put in your hair by securing them in place with the clip that is sewn into the weft piece. Clip In's are a temporary style of hair extensions meaning they can be put in and taken out on the same day.

- Halo hair extensions: Halo's are put in your hair by sectioning the top part of your head which allows for the wire attached to a large weft of hair to sit on your head. Here is a guide to putting in halo extensions. Our halo hair extensions also come with removable clips for extra security when worn. Halos are a temporary style of hair extensions.

- Ponytail hair extensions: Ponytail hair extensions are put in by sliding the clip into the middle of your ponytail made with your natural hair and then wrapping it around to secure it place with the velcro provided. Ponytail's are a temporary style of hair extensions. 

- Tape hair extensions: Tape hair extensions are put in your hair by sandwiching to weft pieces together on your natural hair and they stay in because tape extensions come with two strips of a gentle tape adhesive that bonds together. Think of double sided tape but much stronger and made safe for your hair. Tape hair extensions are a permanent style of hair extensions which means they require a tool or product to take out of your hair and stay in your hair for weeks before needing to be reapplied. 

- Hand Tied Weft extensions: HTW extensions are put in your hair by being sewn into a beaded track on your head. Your hairstylist will create a horse show row of microbeads to then sew the hand tied weft around those beads which is how the hair extensions remain securely in your hair. HTW are a permanent style of hair extensions. 

- PU Skin weft extensions: PU Skin hair extensions are put in your hair by using the same method as a Hand Tied Weft however the difference between the two wefts is that PU Skin wears are sealed in a latex type bond to keep the hair in place whereas HTW are sewn around a piece of thread which cannot be cut in comparison to a PU Skin weft that can be cut.

- Flat Tip extensions: Flat Tip extensions are put in your hair using a heated tool that gently melts the keratin bond that comes on flat tip hair extensions which safely glues the hair extensions in your hair. Sounds scary, but because our flat tip extensions are made using the same protein your hair naturally makes (keratin) it is much more gentle on your hair and will cause no damage if applied and taken care of properly. Flat Tip extensions are a permanent style of hair extensions. 

And lastly, let's answer your "Why Hair Extensions" questions next...

  • Why Do Hair Extensions Get Tangled?

Hair extensions can become tangled for various reasons. Whether it comes down to them being dry and brittle from lack of hydration or because you're not brushing your hair extensions regularly as often as you should be. Just like your natural hair, your hair extensions can become tangled from your environment as well and the hobbies you're involved in on a daily basis. To learn more on how to care for your hair extensions, we have written a blog to make your research easier and more informative. 

  • Why Get Hair Extensions?

The most common reason we find our customer purchase hair extensions is because they're unhappy with their natural hair and want to fill in the gaps. Whether you have long or short hair, it is very common customers are after more volume and will turn to hair extensions. We mentioned before how hair extensions are a great source for instant, safe longer and thicker hair and we touch base more on that in our blog about the reasons to get hair extensions.

If you like having your questions answered when it comes to all things hair extensions, it's good for you to know that we are always a contact away to answer anything for you. We have some more quick answers to common questions on our Hair Extensions FAQs page.

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